Planet Comic Con 2015

March 16, 2015

Over the weekend, I went on a road trip to Kansas City with my boyfriend Eric and his cousin, Daniel. I flew to Chicago from Florida for my spring break and then we drove from Chicago to Kansas City for Planet Comic Con. This was my first time going to this convention and overall I was really impressed.

We left Chicago on Friday morning and arrived in Kansas City that evening. After checking into the hotel and dropping our bags off at our rooms, we went to the convention center to pick up our press badges. We were able to walk around the convention for a little bit before it was closing time. My first impression was that the event was very well laid out. The aisles in the exhibit hall were really wide which gave plenty of room to get through the merchandise booths. When you first walked in, the 501st and Rebel Legion were on the left and the artist alley was on the right. Past that were all of the various merchandise and comic book booths. Then in the very back were all the celebrity guests. There was also a replica of the landspeeder in Episode IV in the very front that was made by Far Away Creations for people to take photos with.

During the show, we were planning on seeing Sam Witwer (voice of Starkiller in The Force Unleashed and Darth Maul & The Son in The Clone Wars), Adrienne Wilkenson (voice of Maris Brood in The Force Unleashed and The Daughter in The Clone Wars), and Tom Kane (voice of Yoda in The Clone Wars). On Saturday morning, we went to the celebrity area to get our autographs and photos with the guests. I've seen Sam Witwer at many conventions before but I've never had the chance to personally talk with him. He was very enthusiastic about Star Wars Rebels and asked us how we like the Season 1 finale. Tom Kane was super nice and friendly as always. It still blows me away at how many characters he voices in The Clone Wars along with the most recognizable, Yoda. Adrienne Wilkenson was also very sweet and eager to answer our questions about the face scanning process that she went through for working on The Force Unleashed. Later in the day, we went back to her booth and Eric interviewed her for our podcast, which I will link to at the bottom of this post.

The 501st and Rebel Legion area was very impressive. They had multiple backgrounds and props to take pictures with as well as many costumed characters walking around for photographs. The R2 Builders Club had a booth and many different droids on display. Many of the droids were finished but some were incomplete, which was neat to see how the inside and building process of a droid looks. My favorite R2 unit on display was R2-K3, a purple droid that looked like she could be R2-D2's sister.

Outside of the 501st, the cosplay presence wasn't as impressive as I would have expected. There were plenty of people dressed up but only one or two costumes really made my jaw drop. However, there was a lot of really nice artwork in the artist's alley. I saw a good variety of art from black and white inked pieces to large scale oil paintings.

Overall, Planet Comic Con had many different celebrity guests, a large 501st presence, and great merchandise/art booths. My only disappointment was with the cosplayers. The event was very well organized and laid out. I would definitely be interested in going to this convention again in the future. If you're interested in hearing more about Planet Comic Con and an interview with Adrienne Wilkenson, check out our episode of Twin Suns Transmission HERE.

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