I was recently asked by a company called Man Crates to think about some of my favorite memories of playing video games while growing up. If you don't know them, they're a company that specializes in creating custom wooden crates filled with gifts for any hobby--they even have a new gift card encased in concrete! When they first asked this question, I thought, “Me? I hardly even game anymore. Why would anyone want to know about my experience playing video games?” After pondering it for a while, I did realize that I have a long history with video games and some of my fondest childhood memories involve gaming.

Nintendo games like Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. were my first introduction to the world of video gaming. I vividly remember my dad playing Duck Hunt when I was really young and we would trade off every round so I could play too. We also played Frogger on the original PlayStation together for many years, even when the later PlayStation models were released and we could’ve been playing way more modern games.


As I got older, I got my own GameBoy Color and later the GameBoy SP. Some of my favorite SP games were Frogger and anything relating to Disney. I’ve been a long-time fan of Disney movies so every time a new Disney game came out, I bought it and played it as I watched the movie.

When the Nintendo DS hit stores, I just had to own one. I loved how I could play my Gameboy SP games on the DS along with newer DS games. I remember getting together with friends and playing MarioKart on our DS consoles together, playing all of my video games on road trips, and fighting with my brother over who could play the LEGO Star Wars game first. A glass bottle of chocolate Yoo-hoo was never out of my reach while gaming either.

Along with the handheld games, I also played games on my older brother’s PlayStation2. All of my favorite games on the PS2 were related to Star Wars. LEGO Star Wars, Battlefront II, and Revenge of the Sith were all played on a daily basis in my household. Battlefront I and II were precious games to me because they were something that my brother and I could play together. We’d have friends over to play Battlefront, eat pizza Bagel Bites, and just hang out together while we gamed. To this day, I still own the PS2 and all of those games. About once a year, I will dust it off and play my old favorites for nostalgic purposes. 

Unfortunately, in 2012 I ended up selling my Nintendo DS and all of my DS games to buy myself a ticket to a Star Wars convention. My life as a gamer stopped at that moment and didn’t pick up again until very recently when a hugely anticipated game was announced.

When the newest version of Battlefront was announced, I almost lost my mind. This game that I had been playing for years was now going to be revamped and updated for the newest gaming consoles. When I attended Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in April of 2015, all of the press events for Battlefront were happening. It was so exciting to meet other fans of the game that loved the first and second versions as much as I did. My Christmas list last year contained a bunch of random Star Wars memorabilia that I had been wanting, but a new PlayStation and Battlefront were at the tippy top of my list.

My Christmas wish came true and my wonderful fiancé not only got me the PS4 and Battlefront, but Disney Infinity 3.0 as well. It’s great to be immersed in the world of gaming again, especially when I get to play a game that meant so much to me when I was little.