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Favorite Solo Products

Jun 12, 2018
Let me guess, you've seen Solo: A Star Wars Story at least three times now, you can't stop talking about it, and you want to wear your heart on your sleeve! Get your wallet out because I've got a list of my favorite Solo products ready to share with you. Treat yo self!

Han Solo Mini Suede Backpack- I'm a sucker for Loungefly's mini-backpacks, especially the Star Wars ones! They're great to carry around at the Disney parks or on regular days when you're grabbing groceries from the store. I love their design inspiration for this piece because Han's new jacket was stunning! Not to mention the classic belt is featured too. Instant buy!

Millennium Falcon T-Shirt- Remember when everyone had that bright red Millennium Falcon blueprint shirt from Target? That's sooooo five years ago. Update your favorite tee with a shiny new ship! This gray stonewashed shirt from the shopDisney is super soft and versatile.

Han & Chewbacca Water Bottle- Just like Han Solo, I'm a smuggler too. In fact, I used this Han and Chewie water bottle to smuggle my favorite refreshment into the theater while watching Solo. Who's got time for those long concession lines anyways? I love this bottle because it's leak proof which means I can toss it in my purse and not have to worry about it making a mess in my bag. One side features Han with the text, "I've Got This," and the other side has Chewbacca with the line, "Chewie is my co-pilot."

Dice Cufflinks- For luck at your next special occasion! These goldstone cufflinks feature Han's iconic lucky dice, which we see in Solo and again later in the original and sequel trilogies. With these on your wrists, you'll be sure to avoid any Imperial entanglements.

Solo Vintage Skirt- I love the classic look of the Star Wars bedsheets from the 80's. This vintage-inspired skirt by Her Universe features all your favorite characters from Solo along with the Millennium Falcon and some TIE fighters. I love the colors in the pattern!

Chewbacca Otter Box Case- If you're prone to dropping your phone while running scams on Correlia, you'll probably want an Otter Box case and what better way to protect your device than with Chewbacca?

Whether you just want to give yourself a mid-week pick me up or you're looking for a Father's Day gift, I hope these ideas helped you out. Punch it, Chewie!
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