About The Dorky Diva Show

The Dorky Diva Show is a Star Wars discussion podcast hosted by Savanna Kiefer and Brian Ballance. Each month we break down and debate a new topic related to the latest news in Star Wars! Subscribe on iTunes and stay tuned for a new episode every month. We'd love to hear from you as well. Drop us a line at dorkydivashow@gmail.com and we'll answer your questions on the air. 

Founded in October 2016, Savanna started The Dorky Diva Show to connect with other Star Wars fans and learn why they love the franchise so much. She quickly teamed up with Brian to offer more diverse opinions to the show in addition to her special guests. Starting in 2018, they will both be hosting the show together, bringing new topics of conversation to the table each month. Our goal is to bring positive debates to the Star Wars community because hey, it's okay to have different opinions! Here's where the fun begins. 

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About the Hosts

Savanna Kiefer is a professional digital media producer by day, hobbyist blogger and podcaster by night. She was born and raised in central Florida, but recently moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2017 to purse her career. In addition to loving Star Wars, Savanna has an affinity for dogs, the great outdoors, and geek fashion.

Her favorite things about Star Wars include smugglers, bounty hunters and aliens. Savanna has a slight obsession with all things related to the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine and loves Han Solo (who, for the record, most definitely shot first). Her favorite Star Wars movie is The Empire Strikes Back.

You can find her at @savanna_kiefer on Twitter and Instagram. 

Brian Ballance is an actor and podcaster who doesn't know how to enjoy things moderately. He was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and raised in southwest Florida. He has a sincere interest in humanity and considers making friends his superpower.
His favorite Star Wars character is Qui-gon Jinn. His favorite movie is Revenge of the Sith. He believes the Jedi are essential to the galaxy and "Gray Jedi" are garbage (ask him about it). He's also going to be in a Star Wars movie some day.

You can find him at @jedibrian on Twitter and Instagram.


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