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Everyone Needs a Reset Button

Do you ever feel like you're flying around in a tornado with no certain path or purpose? I have! Over the past few months, I realized that my heart definitely did not belong in Los Angeles. I was so excited to move there last year with new opportunities ahead of me, but the overall culture of southern California didn't vibe with my personality and I found myself really unhappy with the lifestyle I was living. Thankfully, life gave me a serious reset button and I'm thrilled to say that I now live in the greater Seattle area. Oh...and I'm ENGAGED! Yeah, that happened. 

In early March, I parted ways with a brand that I truly love and have grown up with since I was in my early teens. It might sound sad at first to walk away from something that brings you joy, but in the end it turned out to be a wonderful thing for me. Sometimes being a fan of the things you love is way more satisfying than being a contributor behind the scenes. I'm thrilled that now I get to be surprised by all sorts of announcements when they are released to the public, rather than knowing things in advance and having to stay tight-lipped.

In addition to that big life change, my boyfriend proposed to me under the stars at our favorite lighthouse and obviously, I said yes. Check out that rock! While the ring is beautiful and it means the world to me, my favorite thing about getting engaged was making the decision to finally close the long-distance relationship gap. Long distance is a truly amazing journey that teaches you how to communicate with your partner and appreciate every single second you get to spend with them, whether it be over the phone or in person. I always looked forward to my weekend getaways to Seattle to visit my sweetheart, but it was really hard to say goodbye when I knew I wouldn't see him again for a month. With all that being said, my heart is bursting with happiness now that I get to live in the pacific northwest with my fiancé and our puppy. Getting to hang out with your best friend every single day is the BEST.

So what else have I been doing over the last month? Pretty much packing boxes, selling furniture, moving boxes, and unpacking boxes has consumed most of my time lately. However, I did have a fantastic weekend at WonderCon in Anaheim helping out my friend Tony from Hero Within. Tony started his own sophisticated geek fashion brand almost two years ago and he's been killing it with the professional nerd-wear for both men and women. Right before WonderCon weekend, his booth manager got the flu so I swooped in to give him a hand at the convention. I had the best time learning more about Hero Within and getting to meet new customers every day of the con.

Before locking my apartment for the final time in California, I made sure to hit up Disneyland one last time. Of course I'll be back, but it probably won't be with an annual pass next time. Since I grew up in central Florida near Walt Disney World, the only thing that really made California feel like home was getting to visit Disneyland so often. I loved walking down Main Street U.S.A. and looking at all of the little details that Walt envisioned when he created the park. During my last day there, I did some much needed "retail therapy" shopping. I've recently gotten addicted to Disney Pandora charms (yikes, how did I get this many so fast?!) so I made sure to stock up on the park exclusives I still needed and bought a few new fashion pieces from Star Wars Launch Bay. I'll be styling them here on the blog soon!

Sometimes you just need a reset button to feel human again. I'm thankful that I now have a new place to call home, new scenery to look at every day, a new chapter of life with my soon-to-be husband, and all sorts of new opportunities on the horizon. The best part of all of this is that I'll finally have the time to really put my heart and soul into this blog. I have huge ideas for the things I want to do with The Dorky Diva and I promise you'll be seeing some incredible things from me very soon. Thanks for always sticking with me on this crazy journey called life and remember, when the world gives you a reset button, take it with a deep breath and a smile. It's a good thing.


  1. Totally get your feelings for Southern Cal. For me, it's anywhere from Monterey to Vancouver that's more my vibe (even though I live on the East Coast).

    Congrats on the move, the engagement and besta luck in Seattle! :-)


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