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From Ms. to Mrs.

It's been a while since I posted over here and that's due to a few reasons. My work has been picking up lately which has been keeping me very busy and surprise- I got married! If you follow me on social media, you probably saw my announcement last week about getting married to my best friend. While we're still waiting on the bulk of our wedding photos by the amazing photographer Wes Ellis, I do have a few to share. Wes has been a good friend of mine for almost six years now and he was kind enough to fly out to Seattle and make a gap in his schedule to be our wedding photographer. Since my husband and I technically eloped, I thought it would be fun to share how we planned our little ceremony!

If you remember my post back in March, Shaun proposed to me at a little lighthouse that we went to during my very first visit out here in Washington state to see him. After accepting his proposal, we both knew that we wanted to get married soon and I quickly moved up to Seattle. Way before he even proposed, we talked about marriage and what our wedding would look like if we one day got married. I already knew that I didn't want a big wedding. Personally, I think it's a huge expense just for one day and I'd much rather spend our hard-earned money on things that will be a greater investment longterm. Shaun felt the same way so when we were engaged, I started to share my ideas on how I envisioned our wedding and we eventually decided to keep it as small as possible while still inviting our parents. 

One day this summer we went out for a hike and ended up coming home earlier than expected after realizing the hiking trail was way too overcrowded with people. Thankfully though, we stumbled upon a quaint little picnic area with the most stunning mountain backdrop on our drive home. We immediately knew this was where we wanted to get married. Shaun and I both love the outdoors. I love going on hikes with him and we are so lucky to live in a place with such beautiful mountains. It was the perfect setting and the best part was that it was free for us to use! 

Obviously the most exciting part about being a bride is getting to choose the perfect dress. As you all should know by now, I love scoring a good deal on clothes. Popular wedding dresses these days can cost anywhere from $2,000-$10,000. Insane! I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on an extravagant wedding dress, but I still wanted to feel and look like a bride. After doing some research, I found a local non profit business called Brides for a Cause that sells secondhand bridal gowns and donates their proceeds to charity. In early August, I headed to Portland for a girls weekend with my friend Katie and visited the Brides for a Cause store. After trying on just one dress, I found "the one" and instantly bought it. It's a Pronovias gown that originally retailed for $2,500 and I got it for just $250. It fit me almost perfectly and only needed a few minor alterations for the big day. 

As for the rest of my outfit, I chose to wear the same powder blue heels that I wore to the Solo premiere back in May. My mom lent me a sapphire necklace that my dad gifted to her when I was a little girl and planned on wearing the matching earrings, but Shaun surprised me with gorgeous diamond hoops a week before the wedding so of course I wore those. I did my own hair and makeup for the wedding day too which was a huge savings! Lastly, I wanted a special bouquet so I grabbed a beautiful bunch of peach colored flowers at our local farmers market for $10. 

Shaun picked his outfit which looked perfect for the setting and I loved the all gray look. Very Commander Wolffe inspired if you ask me! We picked our wedding bands about a month prior to the wedding day and were all ready for September 10th to arrive. My parents were already planning a vacation to visit us for a week in September, so we planned the wedding towards the beginning of their visit and Shaun's parents flew out to join the fun. 

I got really nervous the week prior to the special day because the weather forecast was looking horrendous. I grabbed a couple clear umbrellas from Target just in case we needed them, but thankfully the rain held off on the actual day! There was lots of fog, but I think it looked really neat. My dress was heavy enough on it's own so I couldn't imagine how it would have felt if it had gotten wet with rain! 

I asked my dad to say a few words at our ceremony and pray for us to bless our marriage. Shaun's dad also had a beautiful speech and I had lots of happy tears to shed! After Shaun and I exchanged our vows and rings, our ceremony was over and it was perfect. We had a little breakfast picnic and took more photos near the mountain before moving down the river for pictures. I was smart enough to pack a change of shoes so that I didn't ruin my suede heels. They came in handy as we hiked down a steep trail to see the water. 

I'm so blessed to have found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Our relationship has had it's ups and downs, just like any relationship. I wouldn't change it for the world though. Meeting Shaun six years ago at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando was such a special day and I had no idea that he would end up being such an important figure in my life. What a sweet surprise. I'm so happy that he also wanted to have an intimate wedding and not a huge celebration. It made this day so much more special. It was about us and our commitment to each other forever, not about the spectacle of having a perfectly planned day with extravagant decorations. 

For those of you who are wondering, Rex was not at our ceremony (muddy paws + white dress = disaster), but we took some photos with him when we got home. I love my sweet boy and I'm so happy to finally be his momma...officially!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside our wedding day. To all my close friends and family that were not at our special day, we love you guys so much and are thankful that you understood our wishes to elope. And to everyone else, if you're newly engaged or plan to get married some day, I hope this post proves that you don't have to spend massive amounts of money to have a truly incredible wedding. You can definitely do it on a budget! 

Photos by Wes Ellis