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Welcome to The Dorky Diva! I'm Savanna Oudit, a Star Wars fanatic who tries to sprinkle fandom into every day life. Follow along for new episodes of The Dorky Diva Show and The Working Diva, outfit inspiration, beauty reviews, convention coverage, and more!

Snowshoeing Artist Point

For Christmas this past year, my husband and I decided to spend gift money for each other on hiking gear rather than presents for one another. We really enjoy going hiking together, so this was a great for us to give a gift that keeps on giving for years to come with quality time together. I was i…

Revisiting The Last Jedi

On this episode of The Dorky Diva Show, Savanna and Brian are revisiting The Last Jedi to share how their (mostly Savanna's) thoughts have evolved since first seeing Episode VIII.

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How The Clone Wars Changed My Life

The Clone Wars is coming back tomorrow. I still can't believe that it's actually happening! Star Wars: The Clone Wars was a huge part of my life when it was airing on Cartoon Network from 2008 to 2013. The Lost Missions were released on Netflix in 2016 and I really thought that would be ou…

Springtime Wrap Dress

I've been spending many of my weekends this winter sewing away! Most of the time I am making comfy pajamas and lounge clothes to wear around the house, but this weekend I made a wrap dress for spring. I found this pattern back in November and held onto it until this week when I found some beaut…

Coming Soon- The Working Diva

I’ve been so excited for this announcement! I’m starting a NEW podcast. The Working Diva with Savanna Oudit is a place where women of the workplace are celebrated. Self-starters, creatives, business owners and more are given the spotlight to share their stories of failure and success on this show! …

I Swear I'm Alive

Oh hi! It's me. I'm still here and very much alive. Oftentimes I only update this blog when I have a new podcast episode to share or a really cool brand collaboration. When I started blogging in 2011, I used this space as a place (hey, that rhymed!) where I could get all of my thoughts and …