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Visting Mount Rainier National Park

I've lived in Washington state for two and a half years now. I swear every week my husband says, "We really need to go to Mount Rainier. You really need to see Rainier." We can see Rainier from just about everywhere in our area, but it's always dependent on the weather so if it's rainy outside, there are few mountains to see. I decided to take a couple days off from work this week to celebrate finishing up a large project. The forecast for the week looked absolutely gorgeous, so we finally packed up and headed to Mount Rainier!

We found a really cute campground about a half hour from the national park and camped there for the night. We got an extremely late start to our long drive, so we arrived to the campground after dark and I didn't sleep a wink because it was so cold. The forecast didn't seem like it would drop too low, so we only took our blankets instead of packing the sleeping bags. Big mistake! I froze all night and learned my lesson- always pack up the sleeping bags!

Either way, after a long and freezing night, we packed up in the morning and headed to the Mount Rainier National Park. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it was amazing and almost seemed like something out of a movie. The trip up towards the visitors center was pretty long and windy. We stopped probably ten times along the way to get out and take photos of the scenery. There are tons of hiking trails in the national park, but we didn't go on any of them because they are not dog-friendly (sorry, Rex!). 

We had a really nice time enjoying the weather and the amazing sights. When we got back home in the evening, I immediately started editing photos from the trip and I ordered a few printed canvases to hang in our living room. Super excited about that! I will post an update here of how the gallery wall of photos turns out. Until then, enjoy some of these pictures that I took on our adventure yesterday! I really want to go back next summer and do some of the hikes around the mountain. 

This last photo is what I call my "money shot". I just love how the lake reflects the mountain and how crystal clear the sky looks. Stunning! If you ever get a chance to visit Mount Rainier National Park, I highly recommend it. The park is very well maintained and absolutely gorgeous to see.


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