Recipe: Tatooine Breakfast


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Inspired by the binary sunset of Luke Skywalker's home planet, Tatooine, this easy twin suns toast with blue milk will be sure to fill your belly and give you energy for whatever the Force may bring your way.

Ingredients & Supplies:

• Two eggs
• One slice of bread
• Salt and pepper
• Butter
• Milk
• Blue food coloring
• Small frying pan
• 1/8 measuring cup or small circle cookie cutter
• (optional) Bacon, ham, or sausage

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How to be a Star Wars Collector on a Tight Budget


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You’ve finally decided that you want to be a Star Wars collector. The thrill of looking for collectibles gives you adrenaline, displaying your collection gives you a sense of accomplishment, and showing off your collection to friends creates a sense of community. That’s great, but there’s one big problem-- you can’t afford to buy everything out on the market right now. There are plenty of steps that you can take in order to build an amazing Star Wars collection on a tight budget.

Select a Collection Focus

One thing that will make collecting on a tight budget easier is selecting a collection focus. What is a collection focus? It’s basically a narrow subject that you decide to collect. By choosing a focus, you are saying, “This type of product is the only thing that I will purchase on a regular basis,” which should help your wallet say no to random things that catch your attention in the toy aisle. There are many factors that can help shape your collection focus. Narrow down your favorite character in the Star Wars galaxy. Do you like Darth Vader the most? That could be a huge undertaking because Darth Vader merchandise has been mass produced since 1977. What about someone more obscure like Kit Fisto? He was introduced with the prequel films and is more of a secondary character so collecting merchandise featuring him will be easier. By considering factors like popularity of the character or rarity of the items you want to collect, you can determine if this collection focus will fit in your budget or not.

My focus of Star Wars Itty Bittys from Hallmark
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