About The Dorky Diva
The Dorky Diva was created in March 2015 by Savanna Kiefer as a way to express her love of Star Wars, photography, and fashion all in one place. The Dorky Diva is a great place to keep up with the latest Star Wars event coverage, listen to the latest episode of The Dorky Diva Show, and look for inspiration to channel your inner chic geek.

About Savanna
Born and raised in central Florida, Savanna has loved Star Wars ever since she can remember and has a huge passion for Lucasfilm's special galaxy far, far away. Savanna's interest in photography sparked in middle school when she bought her first camera and the hobby has stuck around ever since. Never really showing much interest in fashion growing up, it wasn't until starting The Dorky Diva that she wanted to explore her personal style and how to express herself through clothing.

Savanna now resides in sunny California and is a digital media producer for the Hot Topic family of brands including BoxLunch and Her Universe.

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