Star Wars Style: Vicariously Vader


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In an effort to share more positivity and smiles online, I'm starting a new series of posts called Star Wars Style. My dear friend Natalie loves styling outfits with quirky, thrifted pieces and I love showing off my Star Wars ensembles so it sounded like a match made in heaven. With her help, I'll be posting my geek chic outfits a few times a week- ranging from casual wear, athletic outfits, and professional/business clothes.

Here's today's Star Wars Style! I call it "Vicariously Vader" because I channeled my inner Imperial boss while wearing my favorite Darth Vader leather jacket. Natalie lent me a light, neutral dress that I paired with my favorite gold-tone Naboo earrings, A New Hope crawl bracelet and Millennium Falcon hair clip. It was perfect for the chilly but not too cold weather we're having here in Florida.

What I Wore

Dress: GAP
Jacket: Her Universe (Holiday '15/16)
Heels: Thrifted
Hair Clip: Love and Madness
Earrings: Her Universe (2012)
Wrap Bracelet: Love and Madness
Lip Color: L'Oreal

Photos and styling by Natalie Holland. Check out her blog HERE.
Stay tuned for an athletic themed outfit on Wednesday!
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The Dorky Diva Show: Episode 4 with Josh Luecht


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In this episode of The Dorky Diva Show, Savanna sits down with her friend Josh Luecht to discuss Star Wars: Rebels and how it connects with the Star Wars universe as a whole. Spoiler warning if you haven't caught up with Season 3 of Rebels yet!

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New Year, New Goals


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I'm a few days late to the party, but happy new year! 2016 was one heck of a year for me with extreme highs and rock-bottom lows, but it was still wonderful in it's own unique way and I'm hoping 2017 is just as exciting. I'm typically not one to make new years resolutions, but I feel like this is the perfect time in my life to reset and refocus on my goals, especially the little ones. I figured if I published my resolutions here, it might help me stick to them. Hey internet- keep me accountable!

First things first, my health is super important to me this year. In the past I've been super guilty of lying in bed all day and scrolling through my Instagram feed for hours instead of getting up and exercising. To focus on my overall health and have more energy during the day, I'm getting my body on a daily routine of waking up at 6am and going to bed by 10pm. By waking up early, I have plenty of time to hit the gym and make a hearty breakfast before leaving for work. Drinking more water and eating a lean diet are also on my list of resolutions. It's only a few days into 2017, but my new routine seems to be working great and my body feels insanely energized. Running and working out first thing in the morning makes me feel productive before the day even starts. 

I found this 30oz water cup for only $8.99 at Target.
Improving The Dorky Diva is also a goal for this year. I have tons of ideas for new video content that I want to start on my Youtube channel including Star Wars fashion look books and product reviews. All I have to do is coordinate with one of my videographer friends and then I'll be pumping out some really exciting stuff. In addition to new videos, I want to consistently post here on the blog and update you guys on what I've been doing. I really enjoy writing lifestyle and fashion posts along with the usual Star Wars pieces and convention coverage so I will definitely be doing more posts in those categories.

Focusing on my professional skills is also really important to me in 2017. I'm starting a new internship tomorrow and I landed a freelance job with a Star Wars licensee this semester so I'm really looking forward to refining my writing skills over the next few months. My eagerness to learn more every day is through the roof now that I'm done with college classes and have the time to really focus on my work experience. 

Those are my three main goals for the year! Getting healthy, improving The Dorky Diva, and focusing on work are big tasks so I don't want to overload myself with other small resolutions. I love the beginning of a new year because it's a completely fresh start. You can let go of the past and look forward to the next 365 days of your future. Remember that only you control your destiny and if you want to change your life, YOU have to be the one to make it happen. Don't let 2017 pass you by. Chase those dreams!

What are your resolutions or goals for this year? Leave a comment below!
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