Star Wars Style: Deep Blue Droid


Today was such a fun day that reminded me why I love the Star Wars fan community so much. Jenmarie from Anakin and His Angel and I were both featured on Black Series Rebels, a new Star Wars talk show for every type of fan.

I love getting to spend time with Jenmarie whenever I can because her positive spirit is infectious. We had a blast getting to chat with Steve and Alex from Black Series Rebels about how we fell into the world of Star Wars fandom. Check out their Youtube channel for episodes of their webshow and stay tuned for our interviews. In addition to a fun morning talking about Star Wars, Jenmarie was nice enough to take photos of me for a new Star Wars Style post.

My new favorite fashion pieces are jumpsuits because let's be real, sometimes putting together a full outfit is just too much work whereas a one piece jumper is easy peasy! I found this jumper at Target just a couple weeks ago. I love the bright blue color and here's the best has pockets! Since the color reminded me of R2-D2, I decided to make this a very droid inspired ensemble. 

Although it wasn't originally created to be reversible, the 40th Anniversary droids jacket from Her Universe has this amazing lining that looks like C-3PO's belly wires. When turned inside out, all of the seams are finished and it looks like a brand new jacket (just cut the tag off). Two looks for the price of one! To finish off the outfit, I added one of my prized possessions, a vintage C-3PO necklace along with an adorable R2-D2 cross body bag from Loungefly. 

What I Wore:
Jumper: Target
Jacket: Her Universe
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Vintage (found at Celebration)
Purse: Loungefly
Earrings: Target

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Star Wars Style: Ewoking on Sunshine


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Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on sunshine when I'm wearing a new Star Wars outfit. In this case, it's more like "ewoking" on sunshine! This Travel to Endor tank top from Her Universe is one of my new favorite tops because it's nerdy nod is so subtle.

In fact, this top is so subtle that when I was shopping at REI last weekend, one of the cashiers said, "Oh, where is Endor?" At first I thought she was joking and then I quickly realized she had never seen Star Wars before. She thought it was a real place! Well...I'm not saying Endor isn't a real place know what I mean. Even though the Ewok is a dead giveaway for any fan of Star Wars, I love that some people don't notice the sci-fi reference.

I paired this tank with my favorite raw-hemmed jeans, a comfy pair of Converse sneakers, and a new Star Tour Alex and Ani bracelet that I got from D23 Expo. After all, Endor is one of my favorite destinations to visit on Star Tours! To finish it off, I added my Death Star purse from Bioworld to complete the look.

What I Wore:
Tank Top- Her Universe
Jeans- LOFT
Shoes- Converse
Bracelets- Alex and Ani
Purse- Hot Topic
Choker- Love and Madness

Coral and mint are my two favorite colors right now so I absolutely love that this top uses both of my favorite shades! Ladies, this top runs true to size without being too tight. I always wear an XS in Her Universe clothing and that's what I'm wearing here. The armholes are a little big, but not like a muscle tee to show off your bra. It's also available at BoxLunch stores. If you live near one, definitely check it out and try on this tank! 

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Star Wars Style: Lake Country Look


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As you may have noticed from the extreme lack of posts, Star Wars Style has been on hiatus. Everything here on the blog has slowed down since I moved- mostly because of the lack of free time I have these days, but Star Wars Style has been on pause because as easy as it is to throw together an outfit, taking pictures of yourself isn't so easy. I know plenty of photographers out here in LA, but coordinating schedules and whatnot is always a hassle.

After ordering numerous new items from Her Universe over the past week, I felt inspired to do a few Star Wars Style installments. Luckily this weekend I had booked a trip to go visit my boyfriend and he was sweet enough to play photographer for the day. This look is inspired by one of the most influential women in Star Wars that fell in love with Anakin Skywalker in the lake country of Naboo. 

Her Universe is truly the best clothing brand for fangirls because Ashley and the designers there understand what's most important to women...pockets! Yes we want to wear dresses and skirts, but we also have phones and things to stash away. This beautiful below-the-knee skirt shows off the cityscape and countryside of Naboo along the hem. I love that it has pockets big enough to stow all my little belongings. I paired the skirt with a simple cream blouse and my favorite gold-tone earrings that have the Naboo logo on them.

 What I Wore:
Blouse- Ann Taylor
Skirt- Her Universe
Earrings- Her Universe
Wrap Bracelet- Love and Madness
Heels- Target
Hair Clips- Target

If you own any of the Her Universe skirts such as the lightsaber skirt or the Hoth/Cloud City ones, please know that the fabric of the Naboo skirt is much more comfortable for hot weather! It's 97% cotton and very lightweight. Perfect for wearing in the summer and fall. BoxLunch stores are also carrying this skirt and the matching cardigan, so you can try it on before buying. 

Extra special shout-out to my boyfriend for not only taking photos, but also ironing my outfit when we realized at the last minute that it was looking crinkled. Cue across the stars...

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