The Dorky Diva Show- The Clone Wars Season 4 Discussion: Part 2


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Savanna and Brian are chatting about the second half of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Four in this episode! They also answer a question sent in by Gabby about how Star Wars fans can dive deeper into the lore and learn more about character backstories. 
You can follow the show on Twitter at @DorkyDivaShow and the hosts at @thedorkydiva & @JediBrian.  Shop The Dorky Diva Show store here-
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Top Skincare Products of 2018


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End of the year recap posts are better late than never, right? 2018 was a great year for me in many ways, but if you follow me on social media you've probably heard all about that so I'm here to share something new. As you guys probably know, 2017 was a monumental time for me when I discovered how to slay my bad acne forever. It's been a total dream to live my life without feeling self conscious about breakouts or worry about how long my skin will look damaged, but it's always a challenge to keep my skin looking glowy and fresh! I tested out lots of new skincare products last year and wanted to share with you the ones that I purchased again and again.

Dry Skin Heroes 

I dealt with some major dry skin problems last year which is totally abnormal for me as my skin is usually slicked with oil. My T-zone was particularly dry and patchy, but after a few weeks of testing various products, I found some champs that have kept my face nourished. First is the Priming Moisturizer Rich from Glossier. I used to wear their regular priming moisturizer every day over the summer, but when winter came around I needed something that packed a bigger punch and PMR totally knocked it out of the park. This product is a little pricey ($35), but I've been using it twice a day for almost three months and I still have half a jar left. It also smells incredible.

The next product that saved my dry skin is Trader Joe's Hyaluronic Moisture Boost Serum. Guys, the hunt for a good hyaluronic acid serum has been real. I tried Glossier's Super Bounce (amazing product, but too expensive for how fast I went through a bottle) and Instanatural's hyaluronic acid serum (didn't like the scent and saw no improvement), but came out disappointed. Thankfully I grabbed the Trader Joe's version and was impressed with how it improved my skin. It's also only $9 and one bottle lasts for several months- a great value! If you're curious about how hyaluronic acid improves your skin, check out this article.

Lastly in this category, I finally got myself a bottle of Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser. I've always wanted to give this cleanser a shot, but I didn't want to spend $18 on a full size bottle only to end up not liking it. They now offer a travel size for $9 and lemme just say, the hype is real! I still use my oil cleanser to remove makeup at night, but this one is great to use in the morning to wash my face without stripping it from all the good oils that I need to keep in my skin. The travel size is great because the last few times I've traveled with my Trader Joe's facial cleansing oil, it ended up leaking all over my cosmetics bag. The Glossier cleanser pump locks into place and seals tightly so it doesn't get all over your stuff when traveling. 

Texture Warriors

Some of my deep acne scars are still hanging around, so I've done lots of research on acid exfoliators to see if they would improve the texture of my cheeks. I bought Glossier's Solution and used an entire bottle, but decided not to repurchase as the results weren't as phenomenal as I thought they could be after a month of use. I ended up trying a sample size of the Pixi Glow Tonic and saw changes in just a matter of days. Now I use this product once every morning after washing my face and it's incredible. I think it'll still take a while for my deep acne scars to vanish, but this tonic is definitely speeding up that process and keeping my skin smooth.

Okay, this is gross, but I have a really bad habit of picking at my lips when I'm anxious. This mostly happens when I'm watching really intense shows (I'm looking at you, Dexter) or stressed out about work. I don't even realize I'm doing it until after the fact when my lips are all cracked and messed up. Most lip scrubs don't help heal the actual damage I've done to my lips- they only rub off the dry skin. Burt's Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub is amazing though! It buffs off the flaky/dry skin while nourishing my lips and keeping them soft. I only use this once every couple weeks, but it's a must have on my skincare shelf.

I think the glowy skin trend is here to stay for a while. Years ago, I wanted my face to look as matte as possible since I've dealt with oily skin for so long. I'm really embracing the glowy look lately though and it's been really easy to achieve with some new products by Herbivore Botanicals. Just a forewarning- I think their products are priced too high, but I got super lucky during a Black Friday sale and scored one of their mini kits for less than $30. The Balance + Clarify Set from Herbivore is incredible. It comes with an exfoliating serum, facial oil, toner, and mask. I've been loving all of these products minus the blue tansy mask, despite all of its amazing reviews. It has a really strong scent that I can't manage to deal with so that product has been sitting on the shelf without use. The other three products are great though and I mix them into my usual skincare routine about two to three times a week. I'm not sure if I'd ever pay full price for any of these items, but at the price I paid, they are great.

Battle Buddies Forever

I've talked about these products in the past, but I wanted to mention that they are still in my daily skincare routine despite using/trying other products. The Instanatural Vitamin C Skin Clearning Serum is still my favorite item on my skincare shelf. I actually stopped using this product for about a month over the summer just to see how my skin would react without it. Long story short- NOT. GOOD. I added it back to my list of staples and have been living blissfully ever since! It's gone up in price a little bit lately, but it's still totally worth the extra dollars. Second on the list is the Facial Cleansing Oil from Trader Joe's. This stuff knocks off makeup like no one's business and continues to keep my skin soft. Lastly is Glossier's Balm Dot Com. I use this stuff throughout the day and absolutely love how soft it keeps my lips. My tube of the cherry flavor is almost completely out!

One of my skincare goals for the new year is to find an SPF that I really enjoy using. I've been trying a few different ones lately, but all of them seem to leave my skin tacky and feeling gross. If you have a daily SPF that you recommend, please let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this post and take your skincare routine seriously this year. If you found a stand-out product last year that your face is loving, drop it in the comments below! I'd love to hear which products made it through your 2018 cycle. Also, before you go, check out the.skincare.diary on Instagram. Kate has posted some amazing content in the last year that has really educated my views on skincare and I think she deserves a shoutout. Wishing you all beautiful clear skin for 2019!
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Geek Chic Sustainable Fashion

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It's no secret that my style posts have been sorely lacking over the last few months. The reason? There are many, but one of the biggest reasons why I haven't been posting style blogs lately is the shift in how I buy clothes. I've discovered this thing called "sustainable fashion" and it's really thrown my views about clothing off the beaten path. This is a pretty new concept to me and I wanted to share my thoughts on sustainable fashion, why I'm choosing to buy ethically-sourced clothing, and where to find these goods!

What is sustainable fashion?

In a nut shell, sustainable fashion is an approach that sources, manufactures, and designs clothing that maximizes the benefits to the fashion industry and society, while also minimizing the impacts on the environment. Eco-fashion is another term for this concept. Clothing made from bio-degradable materials is a huge part as well as the treatment (pay, quality of work environment, etc) of the workers creating this clothing. There are so many other ways to define sustainability, but the basic concept is to make/buy clothes that don't leave a footprint on the earth forever and don't harm the people making them. 

The biggest eye opener for me was a documentary called The True Cost. I originally found it on Netflix, but you can buy it online if you don't have Netflix. The documentary was shocking, to say the least, as it exposed the reality behind the "fast fashion" industry. What is fast fashion? Think of places like Forever 21, the Gap and other well-known retailers that push new fashion into their storefronts each week. The film follows the journey of how clothing is made, where it is created, and how poorly the workers making these clothes are treated. It also discusses the fact that the average American wastes 82 pounds of textiles each year and only 10% of these clothing items are donated to thrift shops. Where do the rest go? Well they end up in landfills across the world where these clothes will sit forever as they aren't made from biodegradable materials. That's absolutely insane to me! When I go shopping, I only think about the short-term effect that piece of clothing has on my life, not the effect it has on the environment and other people around the world.

After seeing this documentary, I really wanted to reshape the way I shop. In the past, I've been guilty of buying new clothing pieces from places like Target just for the sake of using it in a style post and then never wearing it again. I always end up donating or reselling these pieces, but it's really just a waste of time plus I'm supporting non-ethical suppliers. Now, I buy most of my basics and every day wear from sustainable companies that not only make quality clothes, but they make clothes that are eco-friendly.

I'll be straight up with you- ethical fashion is typically more expensive than fast fashion. However, you can find inexpensive sustainable clothes if you know the right tricks! I wrote a post previously about how to shop on a budget and some of the same rules apply to ethically sourced clothing. I recently bought two Everlane sweaters on Poshmark for $30 total. That's cheaper than what most sweaters cost at places like Target! In addition to those tips, I wanted to mention that I've found some amazing deals on ethical brands at Buffalo Exchange, a popular chain of thrift stores around the USA. To be honest, I'll probably never pay full price for these items because I can't justify spending $100 for a simple long sleeve sweater, but I can justify a $10 price tag if I find it used at Buffalo Exchange.

What are my favorite sustainable fashion brands?

Here are just a few! Everlane is probably my top favorite for sweaters, blouses, and jeans. One of my favorite things about Everlane is that when you select a product on their site, it will show you exactly how much it costs to make that product and how much they're charging for it, with a full breakdown of where the costs come from. Tradlands has some beautiful henleys that can be worn in various ways. Matter Prints has gorgeous statement pieces with fun prints. Liz Alig has a variety of basics and statement pieces that can be styled year round. While this is a small selection, there are hundreds more sustainable brands out there.

Geek chic (mostly) ethically sourced outfit. Button-down & sweater: Everlane / Jeans: Everlane / Boots: Trask / Handbag: Harveys / Earrings: Target / Necklace: Vintage

What about geek fashion brands?

So far it's been pretty difficult to find geek fashion brands that are making great headway with sustainable and ethical fashion. The few that I've found are Harveys, Po-Zu, Jordandené, Hero Within, and Elhoffer Design. Harveys creates sustainable handbags and accessories from recycled seat belts. I have one of their Star Wars bag and they have a huge collection of Disney handbags. Po-Zu is the company that originally made Rey's boots for The Force Awakens and they now have an entire line of licensed Star Wars footwear. Jordandené offers eco-friendly geek chic apparel and accessories Hero Within offers tons of amazing Marvel and DC Comics fashion for men and women while offering fair wages and safe environments for the people who make their clothes. Elhoffer Design creates a variety of sweaters, cardigans, dresses and more that are inspired by our favorite pop culture icons. As for the rest of my closet, there is a lot of non-ethically sourced geek clothing still hanging up. I'll continue to hang onto these items and wear them until they're threadbare, but my goal is to really slow down how much unsustainable geek clothing that I used to buy and start supporting the businesses I listed above who are committed to making a difference. If you know of any other sustainable geek fashion brands that I missed, please let me know!

I think the "less is more" motto has really had it's grip on me after watching The True Cost as I realize that I don't need a new pair of earrings or brand new pair of cute shoes to feature on every style post. My goal is to continue styling the geek fashion I already own, but pair it with ethically-sourced basics and accessories to freshen up an older geeky piece. Plus, most of these sustainable brands typically create timeless looking pieces, not trendy ones that will look out of date in just a matter of months.

Rather than tossing out all of your unsustainable fashion that's currently hanging in your closet, learn to make the most of it, wear it often, donate it when you're done, and start making choices today to buy ethically sourced clothes. Buy clothes that are made to last for years, not just a matter of months. This isn't a lifestyle you can achieve overnight, but if you focus on making choices to support ethical companies, it can be truly beneficial for everyone. If we support brands that do good, they will continue to be successful and maybe one day, they'll be the big dogs running the fashion industry, not the fast fashion companies!
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The Dorky Diva Show- Happy New Year


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Happy New Year! In this episode, Brian and Savanna are answering YOUR questions all about character development, thoughts on the current state of Star Wars fandom, and plans for 2019. Thank you all who sent in questions for this special episode. We are so grateful for all of our wonderful listeners and can't wait to make The Dorky Diva Show shine even brighter this year. 
You can follow the show on Twitter at @DorkyDivaShow and the hosts at @thedorkydiva & @JediBrian.  Shop The Dorky Diva Show store here-
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The Dorky Diva Show- The Clone Wars Season 4 Discussion: Part 1

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In this episode of The Dorky Diva Show, Brian and Savanna discuss the first ten episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4. Plus, Savanna discovers her reviews of each episode that she wrote when she was 15 years old and shares some of the highlights on the show! 
You can follow the show on Twitter at @DorkyDivaShow and the hosts at @thedorkydiva & @JediBrian.  Shop The Dorky Diva Show store here-
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