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Welcome to The Dorky Diva! I'm Savanna, a Star Wars fanatic who tries to sprinkle fandom into every day life. Follow along for new cosplay updates, outfit inspiration, beauty reviews, convention coverage, and more!

The Clawdite Chronicles 3.22.21 - Fabric Selection, Making the Under Suit

It's been a few weeks since I received my Zam Wesell boots and I've already made some good progress on the beginning steps of the costume, so I wanted to update you all with what I've done. Since I intend to document the full process of this build, I came up with a cute little series ti…

Celestial Sisters: Edition 2

Celestial Sisters is back with a new collaboration with Creature Cartel and Whimsy Designs! I have been so eager for the launch of this edition and I'm so happy the big day is finally here. After the success of our first Celestial Sisters drop, Tori and I immediately started brainstorming on wh…

My Zam Wesell Costume Build Begins

Today marks the beginning of a very exciting endeavor. I'm finally starting my Zam Wesell costume build! This cosplay has been a dream of mine for about eight years now and I can't believe I'm actually starting on it. I plan to document the entire build process here on The Dorky Diva, s…