This is a New Day, a New Beginning


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On January 3rd of this year, I posted an update with my three biggest goals for 2017. Those goals included getting healthier, improving The Dorky Diva, and focusing on my professional skills. I'm proud to say that in one way or another, I achieved all of these goals!

While my physical health didn't improve greatly this year, I feel like my mental health took leaps and bounds in the right direction. I feel much happier, less stressed, and focused on the things that are truly important. In my opinion, that's the first step to being healthy. I improved The Dorky Diva by coordinating Star Wars Style posts, incorporating Disney into my topics of discussion, keeping up with my podcast, and starting a new quarterly series, Style Wars, alongside my friend Jenmarie. As for my final goal, I was able to focus on my professional skills during my senior internship so well that I ended up landing a job I've always wanted, which also moved me to California. Overall, these were great accomplishments for me! I feel more confident this year than I ever have before and I'm glad that, for the most part, I stuck to my goals.

In addition to all of those personal accomplishments, I had some truly special events happen during 2017 that will always be close to my heart. During Star Wars Celebration Orlando, I decided to host a small meet up at the Rosen Centre hotel so I could meet some of the people that follow this blog and listen to my podcast. I honestly only expected maybe five or six people to show up (that's including my mom and closest friends) and thought I would end up with about 195 of the 200 Dorky Diva pins I had made for the convention to be left in my hands. To my surprise, the meet up was a huge success and I ran out of my pins before the night was over. I met lots of people that I've been "internet friends" with for a long time, but I also met a lot of new friends! It was so sweet to meet people that actually take the time to read these posts because I never realized there was an audience for this place beyond my family and close circle of friends. Thank you everyone who came to my meet up! To this day it still touches my heart and makes me feel super special. I appreciate every single one of you who showed up!

Another thing that was really special to me in 2017 is the fact that I finally feel like I have some amazing girl friends that will always be there for me when I need it! In the past, I've had a small friend group that I could count on, but this year I'm happy to know that through Star Wars, I have girls all around the world that are always going to encourage and inspire me. It's so common for women to tear each other down (I'm guilty of this for sure), but I'm proud to be apart of an amazing group of ladies that build one another up and celebrate everyone's differences! Special shout out to these girls- Kristen B., Katie H., Ashley T., Lindsey V., Ashley V., Grace P., Glory P., Jenmarie G., Charlotte E., Caitlyn P., Melissa T., Ashley E., Danielle A., and Sloane A. I adore all of you so much! I wish all of you the best in the new year and can't wait to see how our friendships grow in 2018.

Last but not least, my next favorite part of 2017 is that I started dating a guy I've had a crush on for a while and it's been great. He doesn't like being the center of attention so I try not to post about him too much, but thanks to my boyfriend, I've gotten to experience a lot of the great outdoors this year and shared lots of laughs with him. I'll keep this short so it doesn't get too sappy, but thank you Shaun for a wonderful year. You are the best!

As some of you may remember, 2016 was a particularly rough year for me as I dealt with a lot of anxiety at the end of the year. I was worried that 2017 would also be a frustrating year, but I'm so happy that everything turned out the way it did. I believe the best part of making a new year the best it can be is starting it with a good attitude. While I haven't set my goals for 2018 yet, I will be doing that soon and I suggest all of you set a goal or two as well. It's rewarding to look back on the year and see what you've accomplished. As Ahsoka Tano would say, this is a new day...a new beginning. Make it count. Happy new year! 
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The Dorky Diva Show: The Last Jedi Review


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Savanna and Brian are back with a brief review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Tune in to hear their different opinions (the good, the bad, and the ugly) of Episode VIII! 
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Disneyland vs. Walt Disney World


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I've been a Disney fan since birth. The movies, the stories, the theme parks, the songs- I love it all. My mom has been a cast member for as long as I can remember and I've been strolling down Main Street U.S.A. since I learned how to walk. I grew up in central Florida and only knew Walt Disney World as my Disney home until April of 2015 when I came to Disneyland for the first time. Since then, I moved to California and have been a Disneyland annual passholder for the past six months. 

I get asked the same question pretty often now which is, "Do you prefer Disneyland or Disney World?" And to that, I have one easy answer- Disneyland. Let me tell you a few reasons why I love this place!

The Food
At Walt Disney World, I feel like your quick service food selection includes three options- cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, or pizza. Yes, there are exceptions to this rule, but 8 out of 10 times, you will find those options in most quick service restaurants across Disney World property. Now let me share the yummy and affordable quick service meals I've eaten at Disneyland. Where do I start? Creamy corn chowder in a bread bowl (with Mickey ears), a pork and cheddar sandwich with caramelized onions, BBQ pork ribs with some of the best mashed potatoes I've ever eaten, and a thick grilled cheese with an amazing bowl of tomato soup. There are so many options when it comes to inexpensive food at Disneyland for all kinds of tastebuds! The quick service restaurants offer a different variety of foods while the rest of the park has snack carts sprinkled everywhere. One of my favorite snacks is the garlic cheddar bagel twist in Fantasy Faire along with the gourmet donuts right around the corner in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. Whatever your tummy wants to eat, you can find it at Disneyland!

The Crowds (or lack thereof)
In six months, I haven't seen one tour group walking around Disneyland. Crazy, right?! At Disney World, it's normal to see cheerleading groups, Brazilian tour groups, and 30+ people walking around as a tribe for their annual family reunion. While Disney World does have more space to accommodate these groups, it's so nice to not deal with as many crowds at Disneyland. There are busy times just like every amusement park, but on a day to day basis the lines and crowds are much smaller at Disneyland than Disney World. Plus, they still have the paper FastPass system which I LOVE taking advantage of rather than booking my FastPass+  online months ahead of my trip.

Relating to crowds, there's also very short lines for character meet and greets in the parks. I've also ran into countless characters while they're walking from point to point. Yes, they'll actually stop for pictures in Disneyland!

The History
Walt Disney never stepped foot in the completed Disney World parks. While the Magic Kingdom absolutely feels like a Disney park, there's something extra special about Disneyland. To know that Walt walked down Main Street U.S.A. and saw his dreams become a reality gives me goosebumps. There are little pieces of history scattered around the Disneyland park that all nod to Walt himself. The lamp that is always lit above the fire station? That's a tribute to his legacy as that room above the fire station was his private apartment. This brick wall at the end of Center Street may look a little wonky at first, but the history behind it is significant. The wall was made to test different masonry designs which finally got the thumbs up or thumbs down from Walt himself. It houses a water fountain now, but I love knowing that this was originally created as a test for the final look of all the bricks throughout Disneyland.

Before you walk past the theater on Main Street U.S.A., take a little peek behind the curtain and walk inside. It's one of my favorite hidden gems because most people think it's just a facade. When you step around the curtain, you'll see that it's actually a little theater with the classic Mickey Mouse cartoons playing on various screens all around you. Oh, and it's air conditioned. Perfect little cool off spot during the summer.

The Convenience 
Disney World enthusiasts- how would you react if I told you there was a place where you can park hop in less than 60 seconds?! That place is Disneyland! You can park hop from Disneyland to Disney California Adventure in just a matter of seconds. No buses or boats needed. Just a few steps and you are in another park. It's amazing. Also, imagine only having to go through security/bag check once throughout your entire day. That's right, you only have to go through security once and then you can enjoy both theme parks and Downtown Disney all day without having to deal with security lines again.

Now with all of that being said, I will admit there are two very special things that I miss about Walt Disney World. The first is the legendary hub grass. I can't tell you how many times I've laid in the hub grass in Magic Kingdom to catch up with friends, take a break from the crowds, or just sip on a lemonade from Casey's Corner. It's just a special spot where everything around you slows down a bit and you can absorb all of the things around you. The second thing I miss is EPCOT. The Food & Wine and Flower & Garden festivals were two of my favorite annual events, mostly because of the great food. At least I get my food fix on a regular basis here at Disneyland.

Obviously both places have their perks, but Disneyland is something truly special. If you're a Disney fan, make it a priority to visit the original park whenever you can.

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The Dorky Diva Show: Episode 9 with Brian Ballance


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In this episode of The Dorky Diva Show, Savanna is joined by her co-host Brian to discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars Rebels, The Last Jedi and more. 
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Style Wars: Endor Bound


It's the most wonderful time of the year (in my opinion)- autumn! Along with my favorite season comes a new Style Wars fashion face-off. This month Jenmarie and I decided to style one of the most adorable tees we've ever seen, the Nub Nub top from Her Universe

Jenmarie recently got an annual pass to the Disneyland parks so of course we decided to do our photoshoot in Disneyland! To her amusement, I suggested that we take pictures in Frontierland because hey, both Ewoks and the Frontier are "wildernessy"...yes, that is a word now. Ironically, the place that had the best lighting and background for photos was the new entrance to Star Wars Land aka Galaxy's Edge. Of course it doesn't open until 2019, but it was pretty cool to take these photos right outside the gate of our new home. 

This tee has more of a boyfriend fit. Looser body, with not much shape to the top, and ringer details around the sleeves and neckline in emerald green. I decided to let Return of the Jedi be my inspiration for the overall look by pairing my Ewok shirt with Stormtrooper earrings and a Boba Fett bag. Since it's fall, I wrapped a red flannel around my waist in case it got chilly during the day (newsflash, it's never cold at Disneyland so I didn't need it) and wore a distressed pair of denim. While they weren't the most comfortable idea to top off the look, I wanted a little lift to this outfit so I wore my favorite brown leather booties. 

You can see how Jenmarie styled this shirt by clicking here

What I Wore:
Shirt: Her Universe
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Target
Flannel: Target
Bag: Loungefly
Earrings: Love and Madness 

How would you style this Ewok tee? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for more Style Wars next season!

Extra special thanks to our sweet friend Danielle for taking our photos together and shout-out to Sloane and Presley for rocking their cutest Ewok outfits too. I just love these kids!
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Funko HQ


Woo I finally went to a cool place recently! Conveniently, I already planned a trip to Seattle last weekend when I realized that Funko was opening up their new headquarters location with a flagship store just a couple weeks prior to my visit. My boyfriend and I went to check out the store and it did not disappoint!

If you haven't heard of Funko, maybe you'll recognize their toys. Have you ever seen the adorable Star Wars POPs that grace the shelves of Wal-Mart, Target and pretty much every other retailer that sells Star Wars merchandise? Well, those are made by Funko! They're also known for their Rock Candy figures and the company recently acquired Loungefly- the brand that is famous for creating pop culture inspired handbags. 

Funko HQ and their brand new flagship store is located in Everett, Washington. My boyfriend and I headed over there after grabbing lunch Saturday afternoon and were surprised to be greeted by a line that wrapped along two sides of the building. Even though it looked long, we were through the line and inside within 20 minutes. They have some pretty cool window displays that you can look at while waiting in line like these retro life size Batman figures and some HUGE Funko POPs on the top of their building!

Once we were inside, it was easy to see the layout of the store. The center of the room was a checkout area with themed rooms all around it. To the left is the Harry Potter section with views from Diagon Alley. Hagrid was outside the gates to greet us and I spotted some other familiar faces inside like Dobby and he who must not be named. The Harry Potter room had all sorts of Funko toys relating to the movies and a few exclusive T-shirts for men and women. The cutest item I spotted was a Hogwarts train set that had Funko POPs of Harry, Hermione, and Ron in different train cars that could all connect together. Adorable!

Photo by @nancipants on Twitter

Photo by @nancipants on Twitter
The next room was my absolute favorite, Star Wars! The whole area with themed to make you feel like you were on the planet Hoth. There was a huge Taun Taun Dorbz figure with Han Solo riding him. Luke Skywalker and a Wampa were tucked away in an ice cave while Darth Vader and his Snowtroopers looked down on you. 

I really liked how all of the merchandise in the store was organized. Funko POPs were paired with coordinating T-shirts and Loungefly bags in each room. It was a simple shopping experience- especially if you were looking for items themed after a specific character or movie. 

In the corner of the Star Wars room was a the "build your own Funko POP" experience that will be coming soon. I can't wait to check this out when it's open! 

Next was a Marvel room with everyone's favorite heroes and villains including Deadpool on a chimichanga truck, Spider-Man fighting Green Goblin, and of course Stan Lee. They really did an incredible job making the Marvel room look like you were in the heart of a city from your favorite comic book, right in the middle of the action. 

There was also a Disney princess castle with a drawbridge! Tiana, Elsa and Olaf, along with Belle and friends were hanging around the castle. I even spotted Gus Gus and Jaq on the balcony of a house near the castle. This area would be a dream come true for any little princess or prince that loves Disney. While the other rooms had items that were exclusive to only the flagship store, I did not see any exclusive shirts or items in the Disney area. 

Another one of my favorite rooms was the DC Comics inspired section. Complete with Arkham Asylum, a Batmobile you could sit in, and life-size DC Bombshell figures! In addition to Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman merchandise, they also had a small Game of Thrones section in this room. 

Photo by @nancipants on Twitter

Lastly, there was a general sci-fi and pop culture themed room that contained all sorts of properties like Five Nights at Freddy's and Rick and Morty! There was an enormous Godzilla figure tearing apart a train full of little puppies. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the Funko store. There were so many little details in each room that made you feel immersed in all sorts of different worlds. I was really happy to see so many exclusive Star Wars shirts, but I hope they add more exclusive items to the Disney section. My one gripe was that most of the merchandise didn't have price stickers on them. I had no idea how much my shirts would cost until I got to the register and noticed there were lists taped to the walls that had pricing information on them. Other than that, it was a really great experience! Definitely visit the store if you are ever near Seattle. 
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Star Wars Style: Deep Blue Droid


Today was such a fun day that reminded me why I love the Star Wars fan community so much. Jenmarie from Anakin and His Angel and I were both featured on Black Series Rebels, a new Star Wars talk show for every type of fan.

I love getting to spend time with Jenmarie whenever I can because her positive spirit is infectious. We had a blast getting to chat with Steve and Alex from Black Series Rebels about how we fell into the world of Star Wars fandom. Check out their Youtube channel for episodes of their webshow and stay tuned for our interviews. In addition to a fun morning talking about Star Wars, Jenmarie was nice enough to take photos of me for a new Star Wars Style post.

My new favorite fashion pieces are jumpsuits because let's be real, sometimes putting together a full outfit is just too much work whereas a one piece jumper is easy peasy! I found this jumper at Target just a couple weeks ago. I love the bright blue color and here's the best has pockets! Since the color reminded me of R2-D2, I decided to make this a very droid inspired ensemble. 

Although it wasn't originally created to be reversible, the 40th Anniversary droids jacket from Her Universe has this amazing lining that looks like C-3PO's belly wires. When turned inside out, all of the seams are finished and it looks like a brand new jacket (just cut the tag off). Two looks for the price of one! To finish off the outfit, I added one of my prized possessions, a vintage C-3PO necklace along with an adorable R2-D2 cross body bag from Loungefly. 

What I Wore:
Jumper: Target
Jacket: Her Universe
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Vintage (found at Celebration)
Purse: Loungefly
Earrings: Target

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