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Welcome to The Dorky Diva! I'm Savanna, a Star Wars fanatic who tries to sprinkle fandom into every day life. Follow along for new cosplay updates, outfit inspiration, beauty reviews, convention coverage, and more!

Announcement: I'm Moving

Yes, you read that right. Say hello to Hot Topic's newest Associate Digital Media Producer. I'm thrilled to share that starting very soon, I'll be joining the creative services team for both the Her Universe and BoxLunch brands at Hot Topic. I'll be working alongside Ashley Eckstein at Star Wars Celebration to create some really awesome video and social content then I'm moving to LA after the convention. It's amazing to see how many, many years of school, blogging and making connections have turned into a dream job. Dreams really DO come true!

So what does this mean for The Dorky Diva? Well, the good news is that I'll still be blogging about all the stuff I love as usual, but my content pacing might slow down a bit due to moving and adjusting to a new lifestyle. Star Wars Style posts might be shared over social media rather than the blog during the month of April since I'll be traveling back and forth for a few weeks. When life settles back down after moving to LA, I'm sure The Dorky Diva will be thriving again. For the next month, just hang tight and don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
I'm working on a meet up at Star Wars Celebration so I can see all of your beautiful faces. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Photos by Julia Caron


  1. Hey! Congrats - I am in Southern California Garrison - LA Squad
    Let me know if you need any advice!


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