Interview with Ashley Taylor


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I've had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing people over the last few years that have transformed from acquaintances to friendships in such a beautiful way. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley Taylor, an artist best known for her work with Disney's WonderGround Gallery and Her Universe. When I first heard her story of success, I was in awe of the obstacles she overcame to get where she is today. From being a Walt Disney World cast member to working as an artist for major studios, Ashley Taylor only continues to inspire dreamers young and old to work hard for what they aspire to be in life. What better way to share this inspiration than by chatting with Ashley herself?

You’ve mentioned that Sleeping Beauty inspired you as a child to become an artist. What about this movie did you love?

I was mesmerized by Sleeping Beauty when I was a kid! I think Sleeping Beauty is the most beautiful and artistically distinct Disney Animated Film ever created! That film was in production for over six years and it shows. Evynde Earle’s color schemes, compositions and details made every frame a masterpiece. You cause pause the movie at any moment and marvel at the strikingly beautiful scenes. Evynde Earle created a world for all of us to escape to…even if just for an hour and sixteen minutes!

Everyone has a story and I believe yours is one of the most interesting to hear. Tell us about your journey as an artist and the obstacles you had to overcome in the early part of your career.

My career had an unconventional start. While I was in college, I had a professor who told me I had “zero talent.” Instead of offering me a critique on my homework, he gave me $3 to get him a coffee every class. It was humiliating. For years, I felt too embarrassed to show anyone my art. I felt like I wasn’t “good” enough.

It wasn’t until I saw Tangled in theaters that I rediscovered my love for art and my dream to be a Disney artist! I realized that the tower walls that surrounded Rapunzel were preventing her from becoming who she longed to be. That film really resonated with me and gave me the motivation step out of my comfort zone to pursue my dream.
I spent every night watching tutorials, developing new techniques and finding my own style. I was slowly starting to feel confident in myself and my abilities. I was ready for my voice to be heard. 
One day at work, I noticed a flyer that said, “Disney Creative Forum”. The Creative Forum allows Disney cast members to pitch their talents and ideas to a prestigious panel of Imagineers and Disney designers. My friend Bryce and I decided that we were going to pitch a design together.
When the presentation day arrived, we walked into the room confident and proud of our month’s work. We received wonderful feedback and it gave us the motivation to start posting our work online for the world to see. Shortly after our presentation, Disney reached out and offered me a contract and Bryce was offered a job with Disney Imagineering! It’s amazing what can happen when you believe in yourself and take advantage of opportunities.
I started my career thinking I wasn’t good enough, and now I’m working with various studios, retailers and celebrities. My story is proof that if you’re passionate about something and willing to work hard, very few things can stand in your way.

When I first heard your story about becoming an artist, you shared that you stayed up late every night while working at Walt Disney World to work on your craft. How did this daily dedication impact the rest of your life?

It was incredibly challenging! I found myself staying up until 3AM almost every night- even when I had to wake up at 7AM for work. I knew that I had to discipline myself as an artist if I wanted to work for Disney. 

Small sacrifices had to be made to make my dreams come true. I had to stop going out to dinner every night. I stopped watching hours of television. I had to decline birthday invitations. It was difficult for me because I was a social butterfly. I wanted to hang out with friends all of the time, but I knew I had to make my work a priority!

I did make sure that I had one day off a week to hang out with friends and relax. I think it's so important to take a "me" day to surround yourself with people who love and encourage you! While some friends didn't understand my shift in priorities, others stood by me and encouraged me to keep going. I'm so grateful to have those friends as my support system!

I first discovered your work through Her Universe because you’ve designed multiple fashion pieces for the brand. What was it like to land that first collaboration with Her Universe?

Designing for Her Universe has been a dream come true! When I first got signed to freelance with them, I knew I was signing on to a very special brand. Her Universe allows fangirls from all walks of life to flaunt their world and showcase their fandoms through fashion. It gives a voice to the female fan community and allows fangirls to not only feel accepted, but to be the best versions of themselves.

My first project with Her Universe was a Star Wars/Mary Blair inspired design for the Disney Parks! Right off the bat, this project felt like the perfect debut piece for me. Mary Blair has always influenced my work and I love Star Wars so I instantly felt at home with Her Universe. Plus, Ashley Eckstein is just as wonderful as she appears! I’m so excited that these new generations of fangirls have such a strong, ambitious, kind-hearted, role model to look up to.

Speaking of Ashley, her new book, It’s Your Universe: You Have the Power to Make It Happen, was fully illustrated by you. What was it like to go from the concept stage all the way to seeing your work in the final book?

When I first read Ashley Eckstein’s manuscript, I knew this project was something I had to be a part of! I knew this book was going to change lives and help so many people visualize their dreams! 

The creation of the book was a labor of love for both Ashley and I! Being able to provide visuals for Ashley’s inspiring words, lessons and stories brought me so much joy! As close friends, it was easy for me to understand what her expectations were of me and my artwork! 

When I first saw the finished book, it was exactly what I had envisioned. I knew we had created something special. I hope everyone who reads it feels inspired and motivated to make their dreams come true! I've already received emails for people who have auditioned for plays, signed up to take their GRE exams, started art jobs with Disney and have gone back to school because of this book! I think the writing prompts allow people to visually see their goals and Ashley's business advice gives them a road map on how to get there. It was wonderful project that I couldn't be more excited to be a part of.

You recently went on a book tour to promote It’s Your Universe. What was your favorite part about this tour?

My favorite parts of the book tour were the little things! One night Ashley and I flew into a city late and we were so sleepy on the way to the hotel. We started singing "A Million Dreams" from The Greatest Showman! It's a perfect example of mine and Ashley's friendship. No matter what the situation, we always find a way to have fun together!

I also loved sharing stories and making new friends with everyone who came out to our signings. There's nothing better than watching people's faces light up when they talked to us about their dreams. I’ll always remember those little moments! 

I love following you on Instagram because you share inspirational messages almost every day. It’s the perfect pick-me-up! What advice do you have not only for aspiring artists, but all the dreamers out there who need to take the first step?

People go through extraordinary lengths to avoid failure in their lives. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to let people down. You may think that everyone is keeping track of how many times you fail, but they’re not. Everyone is worried about their own failures, fears and shortcomings. What’s newsworthy to you is barely conversation worthy to someone else. A failure isn’t a setback, it’s part of your comeback! We fail, we learn, we grow and then we become unstoppable!

Ashley Taylor's artwork can be found everywhere you look. You can see her Disney Doodles each week on the Disney Blog. Her other Disney inspired artwork is available for purchase on the Shop Disney Parks app and in the WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

She also does artwork for Her Universe collections at The Dress Shop as well as other retailers including BoxLunch and Hot Topic. You can follow her on Instagram at @ashley24taylor and buy It's Your Universe at Amazon or a bookstore near you!
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The Clone Wars Collection by Her Universe


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Rewind to November 2017. I was just about to head to the airport to leave Florida after a fun work trip at Walt Disney World. I get a call on my phone from none other than Ashley Eckstein, the founder of Her Universe, a fashion and lifestyle brand for fangirls. I was working for Ashley at the time as a digital media producer at Her Universe and she knew that I was a huge Star Wars fan. When I picked up the phone she said, "Hey I know you're heading to the airport, but I really need you to help me design a collection to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Clone Wars. Oh, by the way I need it tomorrow."

I almost dropped my phone out of pure shock. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is the reason I became a Star Wars fan. It's the reason why I'm writing this blog today and why I'm so lucky to be a part of the Star Wars fan community. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. When I got to the airport, I bought a notebook and pen at the nearest store because I didn't have one with me and I furiously started to write down ideas. I'm no designer, but I know these characters and their costumes like the back of my hand so I got to work!

Fast forward to today. The Clone Wars fashion collection just launched at Her Universe and I couldn't be more proud of what Ashley and her team of designers have done. It's available this week at San Diego Comic Con and some of the pieces are already online to buy. Let's take a look!

Image courtesy of Her Universe

The fashion collection includes a Captain Rex moto jacket, Obi-Wan Kenobi longline tunic, Ahsoka Tano dress and coordinating scarf, Padmé Amidala blazer, a Darth Maul track jacket, Asajj Ventress activewear set, and an Anakin Skywalker pullover sweatshirt. As you can see above, Ashley managed to get the gang back together and each piece is modeled by the character's voice actor- Dee Bradley Baker (Rex), James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka), Catherine Taber (Padmé), Sam Witwer (Darth Maul), and Matt Lanter (Anakin).

Image courtesy of Her Universe
My favorite piece of the collection is the Ahsoka Dress. Inspired by her costume from Season 3 and beyond, it features the keyhole neckline, open back detailing, and a faux-suede panel. There's also a coordinating Ahsoka Scarf that looks just like her montrals. This dress also comes in plus sizes!

Image courtesy of Her Universe
Next is another one of my favorite pieces because it looks so cozy- the Anakin Skywalker Pullover Sweatshirt. This piece was inspired by Anakin's costume from the early seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars when he still wore armor over his Jedi tunic. The right shoulder features the Jedi crest and the left sleeve says "Skywalker" down the arm. It has kangaroo pockets in the front and a cowl-neck hood detail. I can't wait to get this and style it for fall!

Image courtesy of Her Universe
You can't have a Clone Wars collection without featuring Padmé! This Padmé Amidala Blazer is the perfect expression of subtle geek fashion. It resembles the coat Padmé wears in the early seasons of The Clone Wars in a more every day style. The blazer features a printed bodice and solid colored sleeves. Catherine Taber is stunning in this piece!

Image courtesy of Her Universe
Obi-Wan is my favorite Jedi because he's so refined and classy, just like this Obi-Wan Kenobi Longline Tunic! The cream-colored long hooded sweatshirt is perfect for brisk days when you just want to cozy up in a soft sweater. It features the Jedi crest on the shoulder and metal snaps at the front so you can secure the wrap. I think this is a great item for men to wear in cool weather and I can totally see women styling this as a long dress.

Image courtesy of Her Universe
My favorite part about The Clone Wars was all of the different clone troopers. They each had their own unique personalities and one of the stars of the show was Captain Rex- leader of Anakin Skywalker's clone battalion. This Captain Rex Moto Jacket features all of the elements that make Rex's armor so special. The front resembles his armor with hashmarks along the chest. The back looks just like his helmet with the T-visor and his infamous blue jaig eyes.

Image courtesy of Her Universe
I love that I wanted a Darth Maul piece in this collection not even knowing that he would return in Solo: A Star Wars Story! This Darth Maul Track Jacket was inspired by Maul's costume after he get his shiny new cybernetic legs. The front shows off his striking chest tattoos and the back features the menacing Dathomirian himself.

There is also an Asajj Ventress Activewear Set coming soon for women! Attendees of the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con will be the first to see this stunning outfit.

The collection also includes an assortment of T-shirts featuring some of my favorite artwork. 

The Star Wars: The Clone Wars Pullover Sweatshirt features a logo that all OG Her Universe fans will recognize. When Her Universe was in it's early years, this logo was on every single piece of Star Wars clothing they offered. It shows off Ahsoka Tano's face tattoos and lightsaber with the letters "SW" for Star Wars. This logo holds a very special place in my heart!

The Plo's Bros T-shirt is definitely my new favorite shirt. This artwork was seen in The Clone Wars on the gunship that served Plo Koon's battalion. The Aurebesh writing literally says "Plo's Bros". I can't wait to own this and style it!

You can't forget Yoda in The Clone Wars! This Yoda Group T-shirt features all our favorite heroes from the show including Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan and of course, Yoda.

Last but definitely not least, The Clone Wars Bounty Hunter T-shirt is enough to make me cry! I specifically requested a shirt featuring Cad Bane in this collection because his character is the reason why I fell head over heels for The Clone Wars. Thankfully, this shirt made it through the final round of approvals and it's even better than I could have imagined. It features Cad Bane front and center with Aurra Sing, Bossk, IG-88 and IG-86. I'm definitely buying two of these shirts! 

The collection will be available this week at San Diego Comic Con and all of the pieces will be online at very soon. Happy 10th anniversary to all of the cast and crew that created Star Wars: The Clone Wars. This show truly means the world to me and I'm so happy we all get to wear our hearts on our sleeves with this new collection!

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Star Wars Style Deals at shopDisney


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As I've mentioned numerous times before, I'm always on the hunt for a good deal. There's no reason to pay high dollar prices for fashion pieces that will inevitably go on sale. One of my favorite places to shop for Star Wars style items is shopDisney. In the recent years, shopDisney has evolved from what seemed like a kid's store into something for the whole family now. They carry multiple Star Wars fashion brands and oftentimes mark down pieces when a new season of fashion is on it's way. 

Today I found a few really great Star Wars items on sale that I've been eyeing over the past year and wanted to share them with you. Whether you're looking to add activewear, jewelry, bags, or sweaters to your Star Wars style collection, there is something for everyone in this sale. Plus if you shop today (Monday, July 16th) there is currently a discount code where you can get an extra 25% off your entire order. Enter the code DISNEYPAL (excludes the Alex and Ani items) to get this extra deal, but hurry because it ends today. The prices I've listed below reflect the sale BEFORE adding the extra 25% off code. You can get these pieces on deep discounts if you shop today!

Rey Sweater for Women by Musterbrand $99.95 on sale for $56.17
I own this sweater in the oatmeal tan color and I absolutely love it. It's such a good quality piece to add to your wardrobe and I love the very subtle Star Wars design influence. This would be a great piece to grab now and stow away for fall when the temperatures start to drop. The cream colored version is on sale for $74.98!

Imperial Crest Bangle by Alex and Ani $39.95 on sale for $17.98
I've been a huge fan of Alex and Ani ever since they started designing for Star Wars and Disney. This Imperial Crest bangle is absolutely gorgeous. While the silver bangle is already sold out, I think the gold style is really pretty and would look great along with other bangles if you mix the metallics or you could even wear it alone.

These leggings are so fun! I would totally wear these while working out, running errands, or just lounging around the house. Star Wars activewear for adults is usually few and far between so I'd grab these leggings before they're gone forever. The matching top is also on sale if you want to complete the look.

Darth Vader Crossbody Bag $29.95 on sale for $10.99
I find your lack of sparkly bags disturbing. This Vader cross body bag is a fun statement piece that would add some Star Wars flair to a simple outfit. This would be a great gift for a tween/teen girl or anyone who loves Darth Vader! If you're like me and shop for Christmas year-round, this would be an inexpensive item to get now and stash away for when you need a quick gift during the holiday season.

Porg Backpack by Loungefly $69.95 on sale for $34.99
I didn't want to publicly admit this, but I love porgs. They were really overwhelming during the promotion of The Last Jedi, but I'm a sucker for their adorable personalities in the movie! This backpack is super soft, pretty spacious considering the novelty design, and very well made. This would be a great bag to carry around the Disney parks or take to class. You'd definitely make tons of new friends at school with this conversation piece!

Inspired by Kylo Ren, this sweater screams "Star Wars" in the most subtle way. If you were passing by on the street, this would just look like a really pretty black sweater with ribbed sleeves. However, to a Star Wars fan, it's obviously Kylo Ren streetwear. The sleeves are inspired by his costume and the silver flecks across the front resemble the silver metal detailing on his helmet. This is a great deal for such a staple piece. You could wear this with jeans, a cute maxi skirt, or even over a dress when it's cold. 

Jedi Order Bangle by Alex and Ani $39.95 on sale for $17.98
Just like the Imperial Crest bangle, this bracelet is only available in gold. The blue detailing behind the Jedi Order crest would be a great pop of color in an otherwise similar toned collection of bracelets. Whether you are a light side sympathizer or a dark side warrior, these bangles are beautiful jewelry pieces to show off your allegiance. 

Which of these items will you be shopping for today? I'm really leaning towards the Alex and Ani bracelets. I rarely see these on sale and these would look great with my summer outfits! 
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Prequel Defense Force- Episode II


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Prequel Defense Force has returned! Today Savanna and Brian are discussing Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Stay tuned for the next episode of Prequel Defense Force about the last installment of the prequel trilogy, Revenge of the Sith

You can follow the show on Twitter at @DorkyDivaShow and the hosts at @Savanna_Kiefer & @JediBrian Shop The Dorky Diva Show store here- 
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How I Shop Clothes for Less


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Just like most girls, I love to shop for clothes. Well, the shopping part isn't always fun when you get to the register and see your total, but getting new clothes is always a thrill. I often get asked where I shop and how I find such good deals. Rather than keeping all these good secrets to myself, I wanted to share them with you. Here are all the ways I save money on clothes!

Buy Quality Basics

There are some items that you should splurge on and some you shouldn't. I believe that basics are good items to spend a little extra money on. Quality jeans, cotton T-shirts, a good leather bag, a denim jacket, and well-made shoes are all items that I don't mind splurging on, but I definitely look for deals. Trends will come and go, but basic pieces will be in your closet for years- invest in them! I know a lot of girls shop at stores like Forever 21 because their basic pieces are so cheap, but I call that trash fashion. I don't think their clothes look trashy, but I know that most of my Forever 21 basics have ended up in the trash after just a few wears. Invest invest invest! With all the times you spend $3 on a Forever 21 T-shirt, you could easily buy a good quality T-shirt from Madewell for just $20 on sale that will last much longer.

Here are some of my favorite basics. Keep reading to find out how I get these for much less than retail price!

Shop Secondhand on Poshmark

I really dislike buying brand new clothes because I've seen the behind-the-scenes side of the fashion industry and it's pretty shocking how cheap clothes are made, yet they're up-charged so much so that the company make a profit. That $40 top you're wearing right now? Yeah, it only cost $3 to make. So why buy it brand new with those high dollar prices? 

I discovered Poshmark a couple years ago and it's my new favorite place to shop. I also use it to sell some of my gently used or never worn items. The great thing about Poshmark is that you can easily search for a specific clothing item or brand. There are certain brands that I really like, but I'll never pay the retail price. For example, Madewell jeans are around $130 brand new. After searching on Poshmark, I've purchased three pairs of almost brand new Madewell jeans for just $30 each. That's a savings of $100! I've also gotten $400 Trask boots for just $40 on Poshmark and they had never been worn. 

Much like other sellers on Poshmark, sometimes I buy a clothing item on clearance or order something online and then realize later that it doesn't fit or it's just not my style. If I no longer have the receipt and can't return it, I go to Poshmark and sell it. You can easily find brand new clothes that are majorly discounted on there if wearing used clothes isn't your thing.

Tip: Always make an offer on Poshmark. Don't be rude and send a super low offer, but asking for something $5 less than the listed price can be an extra $5 in your pocket. If the seller doesn't accept, you can still buy it at their listed price or they may even send you a counter offer.

This silk cami retails for $68, but I got it for $12 on Poshmark

Ask for Discounts

This is especially important when you're in college! During my time at college, I found that most clothing stores will give you a college student discount if you ask. In fact, Madewell gives students a 15% discount which can come in handy if you shop their clearance section.

I also don't mind asking my friends for discounts if they work at a store that I like. Employee discounts are usually around 30% or in special cases, even more than that! Some companies allow their employees to buy product for their friends and family using their discount. Don't pressure your friends to break the rules, but if they are allowed to share their savings, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Looking for discount codes online is also a great way to save money, but sometimes it can be tedious to try a bunch of different codes. I've found that using Honey is extremely successful! You download it into your internet browser and before you check out, just click the Honey button in your browser. It will automatically test all the discount codes online it can find and use the best one.

Shop Sales on Holidays

My favorite time to shop online is during holiday weekends. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are all good times to score great deals. I love shopping at Roxy because their clothes and footwear and very well made, but I think their retail prices are high. They always have a really good selection of items on clearance including clothes, footwear, accessories, and swimwear. During these holiday weekend sales, they typically discount the clearance items for an extra 30%. My favorite recent purchase from them was on Memorial Day weekend. I'd been eyeing these boots (below) since early this year, but they were originally $75. I got them for $25 with free shipping! I also just got a leather bag from Madewell over the 4th of July weekend. It retails for $128 and I got it for $60 thanks to their clearance section and bonus discount code for the holiday weekend. 

The best way to score these deals on holiday weekends is to subscribe to your favorite brands' emails and check for emails right around those key holidays.

Shop Off Season

I'm always tempted to buy new clothes right before a new season starts so I'll have something fresh and exciting to wear that's not been hanging in my closet for a year. Honestly though, that's a total waste. Buy clothes off season! For example, now that it's summer time, a lot of retailers will have their fall/winter clothes from last year on clearance. Roxy has a huge selection of sweaters and jackets from the winter collection on sale right now. If you stock up on those good essential pieces during the off season, you'll have some extra cash to get a couple trend items right before the season starts. By the way, Target has my favorite trend items that will never break the bank.

Here are some great fall/winter pieces on sale right now!

Sell Your Clothes

The last thing I do to save money on clothes is sell my clothes! I know what you're thinking- "How does that make sense?" Well, a few times a year, I will go through my closet and ask myself if I've worn each piece in the last three months. If the answer is no, I'll ask myself if I think I'll wear it in the next three months. If I know I won't be wearing it, I toss it in a sell pile. If I'm not sure, I'll hang onto it and decide the next time I have a "closet purge" as I call it. Our bodies change, styles change, and sometimes we outgrow our personal style. By selling clothes I don't wear often, it gives me more closet space and money to buy new pieces. It's a win-win! This is also a great time to give back and donate your clothes if you know someone in need. I know a few teen girls that are about my size so sometimes I pass my stuff onto them instead of selling it. What young girl doesn't like getting a brand new set of outfits?!

There you have it. Those are all of my tips on how to shop for the best deals year round. Shopping is usually expensive, but it doesn't have to be that way. Where do you like to shop? Let me know in the comments below!
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The Dorky Diva Show- Summer Star Wars News


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Savanna and Brian are back to discuss the latest official Star Wars news including Star Wars Celebration Chicago, the Star Wars Fan Awards, and more! 
You can follow the show on Twitter at @DorkyDivaShow and the hosts at @Savanna_Kiefer & @JediBrian
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Fandom Home Decor


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You've probably noticed lately that I haven't been posting as many styled outfits and fashion inspiration as often as I usually would. That's because my fiancé and I have been spending much of our free time sprucing up the house and giving it a more cozy feel. After re-painting all of the upstairs living space, building new furniture, and adding some decorative touches, I really feel at home. While updating the house, I've enjoyed adding my favorite fandoms into the decor without making it look too overwhelming. Here are some of the things we've created to show off our favorite fandoms in the house.

There's this space between our guest bedrooms that I like to call the "nook" because it's a perfect little hideaway to sit down and focus on work. I use this space as my every day office now that I get to work from home. Prior to the redecorating, this room mostly collected clutter and had bookcases lining the walls that made the nook appear much smaller. We took out the bookshelves, Shaun built an awesome window seat, and he mounted some floating shelves on the walls for my collectibles. Since I sit in this space during most of the day, we also got a pegboard for one side where I can store all of my external hard drives, charging cables, and headphones.

The shelves on the left side are lined with most of my Star Wars vintage action figures and prized possessions. The top shelf is covered with figures from The Empire Strikes Back while the second shelf displays my Mos Eisley Cantina play set. I love how colorful these shelves look with all the figures! We found these shelves at Home Depot in case you were wondering.

The shelves on the right side of the windows are sort of a "catch all" area with extra Star Wars collectibles, Indiana Jones items, and little Game of Thrones mystery minis. Since my Return of the Jedi action figure collection is pretty small, I put them on this side too. The pegboard and containers are from IKEA and come in various sizes. 

To finish off the area, I covered the window seat with cozy blankets and pillows- one of which is a Darth Vader tsum tsum from the Disney Store! Shaun also found a replica of the Star Tours sign and painted it to look exactly like what you'd see in Disneyland. It's so perfect that the ceiling of this room comes to a point because it really accents the shape of the sign. 

Another sign that he found online was one of my all time favorite pieces that dons the entrance to Disneyland. "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy" is so obviously Disney, but also very subtle at the same time. At first glance, you might not realize what this is from, but the die-hard Disney fans will recognize it immediately. It was a pain to paint and finish, but it was well worth the final product. We decided to hang it at the entrance to the master suite and I think it's the perfect touch. 

There's still lots more to decorate around the house, but I like our progress so far. We have so many things to display soon like LEGOs, clone trooper helmets, and more. What's your favorite way to incorporate your favorite fandoms into your home? Let me know in the comments below!

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Favorite Disney Food


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There's absolutely no denying my love of food. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, second lunch, dinner, dessert...I love it all! I love food even more when I'm at my favorite places on earth- Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I don't know how they do it, but Disney always nails their dining choices throughout the various parks and resorts. While I'm not up to date on all the latest treats from Pixar Pier and Toy Story Land, I have a special place in my heart for the classic Disney food. Here are all my favorite Disney snacks and meals from coast to coast!

Ohana Breakfast

My favorite meal of the day will always be breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, sausage, scrambled eggs and bagels are just a few of my favorite morning delights that can turn any boring day into something special. The Polynesian resort in Walt Disney World has a sit-down restaurant called Ohana that offers one of the best breakfast buffets I've ever had! They bring you coffee, juice, fruit, bacon, sausage, waffles, eggs, and more until you seriously can't fit anything else in your stomach. Plus, they have characters like Lilo and Stitch that make their rounds while you're feasting. If you're lucky, you might get an awesome view of the lake and entrance to Magic Kingdom! 

Kona Cafe

Much like Ohana, the Kona Cafe is also in the Polynesian resort and offers a nice menu of Hawaiian themed breakfast. Their Tonga toast is famous, but my favorite meal is the Macadamia Nut Pancakes. Holy heck these are good and they use whole macadamia nuts which add the perfect crunch. Last time I dined there, they accidentally gave me the wrong order and I ended up with this plate (below) before my pancakes were ready. I don't remember if this Mickey-shaped treat was a muffin or not, but whatever it was- it was good!

Carnation Cafe

I reserve this spot for special occasions because it's a little more pricey than counter-service restaurants, but it's the perfect little hiding spot on Main Street U.S.A. in Disneyland to grab a hearty meal. Rumor has it that this was Walt's favorite spot too! My favorite meal is the chicken fried chicken, complete with creamy mashed potatoes, a roll, and veggies. My mom and I always order the fried pickles and a chocolate malt when we go together. Those pickles are to die for because they're perfectly crunchy on the outside- never soggy. 

New Orleans Square Mickey Beignets 

I definitely have a sweet tooth and when I moved to California last year, I fell in love with the Mickey beignets in Disneyland's New Orleans Square. You can find these at the Mint Julep Bar right across from the Haunted Mansion. Plain powdered sugar Mickey beignets are offered year round and they also have seasonal flavors like pumpkin or blueberry. 

Donuts at Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Specifically at Disneyland, there is a snack cart directly to the left of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. If you get to this cart early enough, you'll find a selection of gourmet donuts. Hurry though, they go fast! Later in the day you will find cookies or other simple sweet treats that take their place once the donuts are sold out. Last fall my friend Katie and I got these Fruity Pebbles donuts. Yummy!

Backlot Express

I can't even believe I'm mentioning this here, because the Backlot Express in Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios has the most boring food on property (think hamburgers, chicken nuggets, the usual), but they are one of the few locations where you can find waffles after the breakfast period. Yes! They serve Darth Vader chicken and waffles all day long. It's the perfect sweet and savory duo.

The Dole Whip

Alright, I know I'll get some flack for this because the Dole Whip's popularity has basically been beaten to death and there's a new, hip version (the Peter Pan float) out now. But honestly, the dole whip is a perfect classic Disney treat. I love getting mine as a float for extra pineapple goodness. You can get these at both the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and in Disneyland. They also offer dole whips at the Polynesian resort. 

Seasonal Treats

Disney always comes up with whimsical holiday themed treats to spice up the original assortment. I love going to Disney parks in the fall because they have the most amazing pumpkin flavored desserts. My favorite so far has been the pumpkin mini-cheesecake in Disneyland's French Market Restaurant- tucked away in New Orleans Square. It's topped off with a chocolate bat too!

These orange soda floats were offered at Disneyland's Food and Wine festival back in the spring. It's orange Fanta soda and vanilla ice cream topped off with whipped cream and the best sponge cake I've ever tasted. It soaked up some of the soda for a refreshing snack. 

Last but not least, I can't complete this post without mentioning the Violet Lemonade from EPCOT's Flower and Garden Festival. This purple drink has become a staple every time I visit EPCOT during the spring. It's the perfect slushy to help you cool off!

What is your favorite Disney treat or meal? Let me know in the comments below!
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Oftentimes I find myself buying random clothing pieces that I intend to shoot for outfit posts, but never actually get around to styling them. Or sometimes I just find out that the piece doesn't fit just the right way. Today I did a quick peek in my closet and grabbed a few items that haven't been worn at all or were only worn once for a photoshoot. Click HERE to shop my closet on Poshmark and get these pieces for a steal!

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