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How I Shop Clothes for Less

Just like most girls, I love to shop for clothes. Well, the shopping part isn't always fun when you get to the register and see your total, but getting new clothes is always a thrill. I often get asked where I shop and how I find such good deals. Rather than keeping all these good secrets to myself, I wanted to share them with you. Here are all the ways I save money on clothes!

Buy Quality Basics

There are some items that you should splurge on and some you shouldn't. I believe that basics are good items to spend a little extra money on. Quality jeans, cotton T-shirts, a good leather bag, a denim jacket, and well-made shoes are all items that I don't mind splurging on, but I definitely look for deals. Trends will come and go, but basic pieces will be in your closet for years- invest in them! I know a lot of girls shop at stores like Forever 21 because their basic pieces are so cheap, but I call that trash fashion. I don't think their clothes look trashy, but I know that most of my Forever 21 basics have ended up in the trash after just a few wears. Invest invest invest! With all the times you spend $3 on a Forever 21 T-shirt, you could easily buy a good quality T-shirt from Madewell for just $20 on sale that will last much longer.

Here are some of my favorite basics. Keep reading to find out how I get these for much less than retail price!

Shop Secondhand on Poshmark

I really dislike buying brand new clothes because I've seen the behind-the-scenes side of the fashion industry and it's pretty shocking how cheap clothes are made, yet they're up-charged so much so that the company make a profit. That $40 top you're wearing right now? Yeah, it only cost $3 to make. So why buy it brand new with those high dollar prices? 

I discovered Poshmark a couple years ago and it's my new favorite place to shop. I also use it to sell some of my gently used or never worn items. The great thing about Poshmark is that you can easily search for a specific clothing item or brand. There are certain brands that I really like, but I'll never pay the retail price. For example, Madewell jeans are around $130 brand new. After searching on Poshmark, I've purchased three pairs of almost brand new Madewell jeans for just $30 each. That's a savings of $100! I've also gotten $400 Trask boots for just $40 on Poshmark and they had never been worn. 

Much like other sellers on Poshmark, sometimes I buy a clothing item on clearance or order something online and then realize later that it doesn't fit or it's just not my style. If I no longer have the receipt and can't return it, I go to Poshmark and sell it. You can easily find brand new clothes that are majorly discounted on there if wearing used clothes isn't your thing.

Tip: Always make an offer on Poshmark. Don't be rude and send a super low offer, but asking for something $5 less than the listed price can be an extra $5 in your pocket. If the seller doesn't accept, you can still buy it at their listed price or they may even send you a counter offer.

This silk cami retails for $68, but I got it for $12 on Poshmark

Ask for Discounts

This is especially important when you're in college! During my time at college, I found that most clothing stores will give you a college student discount if you ask. In fact, Madewell gives students a 15% discount which can come in handy if you shop their clearance section.

I also don't mind asking my friends for discounts if they work at a store that I like. Employee discounts are usually around 30% or in special cases, even more than that! Some companies allow their employees to buy product for their friends and family using their discount. Don't pressure your friends to break the rules, but if they are allowed to share their savings, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Looking for discount codes online is also a great way to save money, but sometimes it can be tedious to try a bunch of different codes. I've found that using Honey is extremely successful! You download it into your internet browser and before you check out, just click the Honey button in your browser. It will automatically test all the discount codes online it can find and use the best one.

Shop Sales on Holidays

My favorite time to shop online is during holiday weekends. Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are all good times to score great deals. I love shopping at Roxy because their clothes and footwear and very well made, but I think their retail prices are high. They always have a really good selection of items on clearance including clothes, footwear, accessories, and swimwear. During these holiday weekend sales, they typically discount the clearance items for an extra 30%. My favorite recent purchase from them was on Memorial Day weekend. I'd been eyeing these boots (below) since early this year, but they were originally $75. I got them for $25 with free shipping! I also just got a leather bag from Madewell over the 4th of July weekend. It retails for $128 and I got it for $60 thanks to their clearance section and bonus discount code for the holiday weekend. 

The best way to score these deals on holiday weekends is to subscribe to your favorite brands' emails and check for emails right around those key holidays.

Shop Off Season

I'm always tempted to buy new clothes right before a new season starts so I'll have something fresh and exciting to wear that's not been hanging in my closet for a year. Honestly though, that's a total waste. Buy clothes off season! For example, now that it's summer time, a lot of retailers will have their fall/winter clothes from last year on clearance. Roxy has a huge selection of sweaters and jackets from the winter collection on sale right now. If you stock up on those good essential pieces during the off season, you'll have some extra cash to get a couple trend items right before the season starts. By the way, Target has my favorite trend items that will never break the bank.

Here are some great fall/winter pieces on sale right now!

Sell Your Clothes

The last thing I do to save money on clothes is sell my clothes! I know what you're thinking- "How does that make sense?" Well, a few times a year, I will go through my closet and ask myself if I've worn each piece in the last three months. If the answer is no, I'll ask myself if I think I'll wear it in the next three months. If I know I won't be wearing it, I toss it in a sell pile. If I'm not sure, I'll hang onto it and decide the next time I have a "closet purge" as I call it. Our bodies change, styles change, and sometimes we outgrow our personal style. By selling clothes I don't wear often, it gives me more closet space and money to buy new pieces. It's a win-win! This is also a great time to give back and donate your clothes if you know someone in need. I know a few teen girls that are about my size so sometimes I pass my stuff onto them instead of selling it. What young girl doesn't like getting a brand new set of outfits?!

There you have it. Those are all of my tips on how to shop for the best deals year round. Shopping is usually expensive, but it doesn't have to be that way. Where do you like to shop? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I also really enjoy thrifting. You can find some unique pieces in your closet for so much less. I also agree with you as far as really investing in your wardrobe. Recently, I bought a romper from Charlotte Russe (similar to Forever 21) and the strap already broke. I don't think I'm going to get rid of it because I might try and fix the strap first. Still it's disappointing buying something to have it be destroyed a couple months later.

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