Happy Ahsoka Day


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On January 29, 2008, Star Wars fans were introduced to a new character named Ahsoka Tano. It was announced that she would be the padawan of Anakin Skywalker and would appear in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Fans were intrigued by this new female padawan, but they had no idea how Ahsoka's story would unfold and change the history of Star Wars fandom forever.

Ashley Eckstein took her role of voicing Ahsoka seriously from the very beginning. Along with her work bringing Ahsoka's character to life, she founded a company in 2009 called Her Universe. This company specializes in something that was very rare at the time of it's introduction-- clothing designed specifically for female sci-fi fans. Eckstein was bold and acted as a voice for fangirls who wanted merchandise tailored to their body type.

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Outfit of the Day



Today I wore one of the baddest bounty hunters in the galaxy! IG-88 shines in this brightly colored tee that goes with practically everything. I decided to keep my outfit toned down and focused on the shirt so I paired it with black skinny jeans, ankle boots, and my favorite worn-in denim jacket. More details about my outfit are below.

IG-88 Shirt: Design by Humans

Purse: Dooney & Bourke

Boots: Ross (Similar HERE)

Design By Humans has a wide selection of Star Wars t-shirts for girls and guys. Sign up for their email newsletter to receive 20% off your first order. Apparel orders ship for free on their website

This post is sponsored by Design By Humans. 
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Gaming Nostalgia


I was recently asked by a company called Man Crates to think about some of my favorite memories of playing video games while growing up. If you don't know them, they're a company that specializes in creating custom wooden crates filled with gifts for any hobby--they even have a new gift card encased in concrete! When they first asked this question, I thought, “Me? I hardly even game anymore. Why would anyone want to know about my experience playing video games?” After pondering it for a while, I did realize that I have a long history with video games and some of my fondest childhood memories involve gaming.

Nintendo games like Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. were my first introduction to the world of video gaming. I vividly remember my dad playing Duck Hunt when I was really young and we would trade off every round so I could play too. We also played Frogger on the original PlayStation together for many years, even when the later PlayStation models were released and we could’ve been playing way more modern games.


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New zak! Star Wars Dinnerware


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Zak Designs has a new Star Wars dinnerware set that features some of the most beloved characters from the original trilogy films. This line of dinnerware includes ice cream bowls, soup bowls, appetizer plates, dinner plates, coffee mugs, and glass tumblers. As a reader of The Dorky Diva, you can get 10% off your purchases on any of these new items. Read below for more information on how to receive the discount code. 
The back/bottom of each item features a memorable quote from the character featured on the front of the plate, mug, or bowl. All of the ceramic products are BPA free, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe for easy care and use. 

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The Perfect Weapon (Star Wars) Spoiler-Free Review


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“The Perfect Weapon,” a short story by Delilah Dawson, is one of the latest additions in the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens series of books. It takes place before The Force Awakens but does not contain any spoilery content for those who haven’t seen the movie.

This story is centralized around an edgy character as seen in The Force Awakens named Bazine Netal. She makes a very brief appearance in Maz’s Castle to alert the First Order that she has found their sought-after BB unit. “The Perfect Weapon” follows Bazine on a few mysterious missions where she finds herself facing dangerous situations.

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