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The Perfect Weapon (Star Wars) Spoiler-Free Review

“The Perfect Weapon,” a short story by Delilah Dawson, is one of the latest additions in the Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens series of books. It takes place before The Force Awakens but does not contain any spoilery content for those who haven’t seen the movie.

This story is centralized around an edgy character as seen in The Force Awakens named Bazine Netal. She makes a very brief appearance in Maz’s Castle to alert the First Order that she has found their sought-after BB unit. “The Perfect Weapon” follows Bazine on a few mysterious missions where she finds herself facing dangerous situations.

The 60-page short story is a quick read for a wide variety of Star Wars fans. Bazine is hired to retrieve a case that belongs to an ex-stormtrooper. As she soon finds out, many other relentless bounty hunters are after the same case. Along the way, she faces challenges that put her through the ultimate test of survival and learns many lessons about trust. Throughout the book, readers learn how each specific detail of her offbeat outfit has a specific tactical function, rather than appearing only for stylistic purposes. 

Dawson is a new author to the universe of Star Wars but her writing style is easy to follow and intriguing. Each chapter leaves you with a cliffhanger and eager to continue on. This book gives readers a good balance of action bits and exploration of an peculiar character in a brief format. Bazine is thrown through a rollercoaster of emotions, which is much more than we see of her character in The Force Awakens. The beauty of Star Wars is that every character has a story to tell, no matter how short their role in a film may turn out.


  1. never liked the look of the film to the spoilers. As for me it's bad. It is better to have to wait and watch a movie without knowing anything. Here is a program that will block all spoilers. Here is the website itself .


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