Rogue One Apparel from Design By Humans


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Happy Rogue Friday! Multiple retailers released their new merchandise bright and early this morning for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which debuts in theaters on December 16, 2016. One of my favorite apparel brands, Design By Humans, unveiled their line of Rogue One shirts at midnight and I must say they look incredible!

This collection features dozens of new shirts spotlighting all of the new characters from Rogue One including some of my personal favorites- Jyn Erso, K-2SO, Captain Cassian Andor, and Orson Krennic. You can proudly wear your heart (or alliance) on your sleeve by choosing a Rebellion tee or one featuring dark side characters like the elite Deathtroopers.

Not only do these shirts look amazing with their subtle designs and earthy hues, but they are made to last. I have several tops from Design By Humans and they've lasted many trips through the washer and dryer while still looking brand new. Don't miss out on these officially licensed apparel items and take advantage of their free shipping offer for orders over $75.

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What I Wore: September 24


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As all Saturdays should be spent, I treated myself to a day of shopping and indulging in desserts with some friends. Not only did I find some awesome Star Wars collectibles along the way, but I also found a way to subtly incorporate Star Wars into my casual outfit. I paired a Darth Vader burnout T-shirt with a black maxi skirt and my favorite Imperial logo earrings. Of course I needed a way to carry around my vintage action figure scores, so my Stormtrooper sugar skull tote bag came in handy.

Outfit Details

Shirt and sandals from Target

Skirt from Wet Seal

Sunglasses from Walmart

Tote bag from Loungefly

Necklace from Ann Taylor

How do you incorporate Star Wars into your every day outfits?

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Podcast and Radio Appearances


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Over the last month, I've had the honor of appearing as a guest on several podcasts and radio shows. I thought it would be fun to share these with my readers if you're interested in hearing me talk about Star Wars with some awesome folks.

Rebel Force Radio

In this episode of Rebel Force Radio, I join hosts Jason Swank and Jimmy Mac to discuss in depth the full-length trailer for Rogue One that was released during NBC's Olympics coverage.

Galactic Fashion

In episode 15 of Galactic Fashion, I had the pleasure of chatting with Johnamarie Macias and Teresa Delgado about the latest Star Wars fashions and how I became a fangirl.

Star Wars Collectors Cast

I also had the chance to sit down and talk with James Burns of the Star Wars Collectors Cast to go over the latest Rogue One products and discuss the new merchandise. 

The Kris Cruz Program

Most recently, I had a great time getting to chat with Kris Cruz about my passion for Star Wars cosplay and how I created The Dorky Diva. 

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This Star Wars-Themed Crepe Café Will Take Your Tastebuds to Outer Space


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Located in the Latin Quarter of Paris between libraries and coffee shops, Odyssey attracts a crowd of foodies and sci-fi fanatics with their delectable variety of crepes and, of course, their elaborate Star Wars decor.

From the moment you step foot into Odyssey, all of your senses tingle. Aside from the sweet smells fuming from the kitchen, there is so much to enjoy. From the sleek Death Star corridor walls gracing the interior of the cafe to John Williams' score playing while you eat, there's no denying that this place is the creperie you've been looking for.

Not only is the menu translated into Aurebesh, the most common language in the Star Wars universe, it also features crepes for whatever craving you may have. The homemade salted buckwheat crepes are perfect for a savory lunch or dinner, while the sweet crepes hit the spot for any dessert enthusiast. Ranging at a reasonable price from 3,50 to 12,90 Euros per crepe, there's no excuse for not trying an array of them for a full meal.

Although Odyssey doesn't serve droids (or Gungans or Ewoks, for that matter), Anthony Daniels, also known as C-3PO himself, left his stamp of approval and an autograph which is proudly displayed in the dining room. If C-3PO enjoyed his food, you know it's gotta be good. He's a feisty one, and probably a picky eater too.

If crepes aren't your thing, Odyssey offers a great selection of ice cream flavors, ranging from passion fruit to Speculoos. Don't let the Imperial Star Destroyer looming through the window scare you away from their ice cream bar full of sundaes and waffle cones though.

Star Wars fan or not, Odyssey is a delightful cafe full of all sorts of yummy foods sure to his the spot between visiting Notre Dame and the infamous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Grace some Rebel friends and an appetite before heading to this galactic dining experience.

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