What I Wore: September 24

September 24, 2016

As all Saturdays should be spent, I treated myself to a day of shopping and indulging in desserts with some friends. Not only did I find some awesome Star Wars collectibles along the way, but I also found a way to subtly incorporate Star Wars into my casual outfit. I paired a Darth Vader burnout T-shirt with a black maxi skirt and my favorite Imperial logo earrings. Of course I needed a way to carry around my vintage action figure scores, so my Stormtrooper sugar skull tote bag came in handy.

Outfit Details

Shirt and sandals from Target

Skirt from Wet Seal

Sunglasses from Walmart

Tote bag from Loungefly

Necklace from Ann Taylor

How do you incorporate Star Wars into your every day outfits?

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