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Welcome to The Dorky Diva! I'm Savanna, a Star Wars fanatic who tries to sprinkle fandom into every day life. Follow along for new cosplay updates, outfit inspiration, beauty reviews, convention coverage, and more!


Hey skyguys and galactic girls! I'm Savanna, a not so normal 18 year old with a passion for anything and everything Star Wars related. Ever since I was really young, I was surrounded by Star Wars. My mom and older brother are both huge fans as well and are a big reason why I am such a die-hard fangirl. In the summer of 2010, I met voice actress Ashley Eckstein who told me about her up and coming clothing line just for women called Her Universe. This peaked my interest and brought to my attention that there must be a lot of other girls who love Star Wars just like me. In the beginning of 2011, I met a girl who ran her own forum that was a place for young fangirls to congregate and talk to each other about their science fiction interests.

Through meeting all of these other girls who were just like me, I really started to embrace my so called "nerdy" side and decided to not worry what other people thought of me. In 2012, I volunteered for a fansite called The Star Wars Underworld by writing news articles for their website, recruiting guests on their weekly podcast, and being the only female co-host on that podcast. During this time, I also started helping Ashley Eckstein with the Her Universe merchandise booth at Disney's Star Wars Weekends. I have done that for three consecutive years and it brings me so much joy to meet other fangirls who love expressing their passion for Star Wars through fashion.

As I got older, I became more and more interested in The 501st Legion, a high profile costuming groups that allows people to dress as Star Wars characters while doing charity work for organizations like Make-A-Wish. There is an age requirement of 18 years old for the 501st Legion so while I was too young to join the group officially, I helped my local squad at events by doing photography for them and occasionally wearing my Wolfpack Jedi costume. At age 17, I constructed my very own shadow scout costume that could be approved in the Legion as soon as I turned 18. It was a challenging effort to make my costume because at the petite size of 5'2" and 105lbs, I had to reshape and rebuild a lot of my armor to be smaller for my frame.

Now I am a host of Echo Base Radio and co-host of Twin Suns Transmission, which are both broadcasted live on Channel 1138. In my spare time I like building costumes, painting helmets, and creating all sorts of art related to Star Wars. I love attending conventions when I can to meet new Star Wars fans and express my love for the saga.

I am a supporter of pretty much everything in Star Wars but I am a huge fan of The Clone Wars and Rebels. Clone troopers are a big obsession of mine and I am slowly acquiring a collection of various animated style clone helmets. I wouldn't call myself a serious collector but I do have a fair amount of clone trooper themed collectibles and various Star Wars merchandise. Hera and Sabine from Star Wars Rebels are two of my new favorite characters for their leadership and combat skills as strong female characters.

I created this website to journal different costume projects that I'm working on and other Star Wars related events going on in my life. Welcome to The Dorky Diva, where my nerdy side is complimented by the "fabulous" girly side in me. I hope you enjoyed this biography of my growth as a Star Wars fan and stay tuned for more fun posts, costume tutorials, and convention coverage. May the Force be with you!


  1. Beautiful website. You're awesome and I adore your photography. Plus your cosplay projects are epic.
    Stay rad. Cant wait to read more on your site!

  2. Congratulations on the website launch, it looks fantastic! I'm really looking forward to your future posts; stay awesome, girl!



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