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Welcome to The Dorky Diva! I'm Savanna, a Star Wars fanatic who tries to sprinkle fandom into every day life. Follow along for new cosplay updates, outfit inspiration, beauty reviews, convention coverage, and more!

Coming Soon: Dorky Diva of the Week

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Star Wars fan is getting to meet other people who share the same passion as you. The Star Wars fan community is indescribable. Many of the men and women I've met through Star Wars have inspired me to proudly display my love for this galaxy far, far away. After noticing that many of my fangirl friends run amazing Star Wars inspired blogs, Youtube channels, and podcasts, I thought it was finally my turn to give back to the fan community. I'm pleased to announce that in the next month, The Dorky Diva will be hosting a feature on a different Star Wars fangirl each week.

Before a bunch of men start asking why I'm not including them in this new project, let me just say, I love my guy friends that are Star Wars fans! However, I've chosen to keep this weekly feature centralized around women because I wish I had known other girls who were into Star Wars when I was growing up. Women tend to compare themselves to each other and tear one another down, which is totally not okay. My hope is that with each week, my readers will be able to celebrate fangirls and make new friends, whether they are male or female.

Her Universe's "Fangirl of the Day" inspired me to bring female fans together and create my own special project. In these weekly features, readers will learn about a fangirl and the impact she's left on the Star Wars fan community. My mission with these weekly posts is to celebrate what it means to be a female Star Wars fan, discuss the challenges we've overcome, and inspire future generations of Star Wars fans. Stay tuned for the first Dorky Diva of the Week. Also keep an eye on my Twitter feed (@Savanna_Kiefer) in the coming weeks. I will be asking for YOU to get involved with this project. It doesn't matter if you're a cosplayer, collector, blogger, student, stay at home mother, or anything else. If you love Star Wars and want to share your passion, I want to feature you! 


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