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Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Trooper

Every month Jenmarie from Anakin and His Angel hosts a monthly link up called Star Wars ComLINKS where different bloggers and podcasts can discuss topics that she assigns. July's topic is about favorite troopers. As a huge fan of clone troopers and any armored trooper in general, I knew this would be a fun topic to write about.

Clone troopers from the prequels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars have always fascinated me. It's amazing that they are all cloned from the same human being, yet have individual traits and personalities. Some clones choose to fight the war they were programmed for while others desert the order to live a normal life. Each clone trooper in The Clone Wars chooses to cut and style their hair differently, tattoo their face, and even paint their armor in a unique way. These subtle appearance changes set them apart from their identical brothers so that they will look special in their own way. 

I have many favorite clone troopers based on their look and personality, but one that always stuck out to me was CT-5555, also known as "Fives". This character was first seen in the episode "Rookies" where he was just a "shiny" in brand new, white armor. Later we went back in time in The Clone Wars to see Fives as a cadet and saw how he worked together as a team in Domino Squad. Fives and his pal Echo were the only rookies to survive the battle on the Rishi moon. They were both given a place in the 501st Legion under Captain Rex's command and promoted to ARC troopers for their outstanding efforts. 

Many clones in The Clone Wars only had small appearances throughout the show. Characters like Commander Trauma and Captain Keeli were killed off almost as soon as they were introduced. Fives was given a longer story and faced many trials throughout his years of serving the Republic. During the battle of Umbara, he suspected that General Pong Krell was not just an offbeat Jedi, but a traitor. Eventually it was revealed that Fives' premonitions were right. At the end of his story, Fives was framed for trying to assassinate Chancellor Palpatine and was shot by Commander Fox. He died knowing that chips were implanted into the clone troopers that would someday trigger during Order 66. Although the clone betrayal did occur, Fives was the reason some clones including Captain Rex removed their chips in order to avoid Order 66. 

Fives had a dynamic story line that few troopers were given in the overall story of Star Wars. While his death was tragic, he created a legacy of loyalty and friendship to his brothers. I believe he is one of the greatest troopers in Star Wars and I'm forever thankful that The Clone Wars was able to share the spotlight onto characters like his. 


  1. Beautiful post, Savanna! I absolutely loved getting to know some of the Clone Troopers in The Clone Wars. The episodes concerning the chips were so heartbreaking and it really made a significant connection to the Prequels that I appreciated. I'm excited to be re-watching through the Seasons!

    Thanks for joining on on ComLINKS! <3


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