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On Mondays, We Wear Musterbrand

On Wednesdays, we wear pink, but what about Mondays? Well, that's what Musterbrand is for! I discovered this apparel brand a few years ago when I was in London for Star Wars Celebration. Their booth had such cool Star Wars T-shirts that I had never seen before so I grabbed as many as I could. Later that year, I noticed the brand previewed a beautiful Rey-inspired knit sweater at New York Comic Con. I've been on the hunt for this piece for two years and finally got my hands on it last month!

Retailers like ThinkGeek, shopDisney, and the Disney Parks are all starting to carry Musterbrand apparel, which made my heart sing last fall when I saw the Rey sweater hanging in Launch Bay at Disneyland (big win for getting to use my annual pass holder discount). I instantly ran over to find my size in the sweater and ended up crushed when I realized they didn't have my size or anything near it. Then I ventured all the way to Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida and had the same experience. I found the sweater, but couldn't grab it in my size. Finally I was at Disneyland with my mom last month and they had the sweater restocked in all sizes! SCORE!

While I had seen this sweater dozens of times hanging on a rack or on a mannequin, I'd never seen it on an actual person's body! I immediately ran into the bathroom at Disneyland to try it on and ended up wearing it the rest of the day. I fell in love.

I'm a huge fan of everyday Star Wars fashion that is super subtle and equally as functional. This sweater is very well made and can be worn in so many different ways. I can see myself layering this over a simple shift dress, pairing it with a flowy maxi skirt, or a pair of bright leggings. Today I decided to wear it with my favorite pair of charcoal jeans, velvet flats, and a simple pair of beaded earrings.

The Rey wrap sweater features a Resistance insignia rubber patch on the left shoulder, ribbed detailing on the arms to resemble Rey's arm wraps, and a small metal Musterbrand logo pin on the back. Since the sweater wraps around your body, I find it to be very comfortable and doesn't restrict my arms at all. It's super soft and warm, which is great for Seattle spring weather right now! I expect this piece to last for years and years to come. It's so durable and washes really well. Just for size reference, I'm wearing an XS and it's a perfect fit. I've washed it in cold water and laid it flat to dry to avoid stretching. If you're looking for this sweater, shopDisney has it in black and cream. The cream one is currently marked down to $75 and the black one is just $56!

While I was at Disneyland, my mom and I spotted some brand new Luke Skywalker infinity scarves also made by Musterbrand and we each got one. The scarf is 100% cotton and features the design from Luke's Rebel pilot helmet. The colors are so neutral that you can pair it with pretty much any outfit! It features a similar Rebel logo patch just like the Rey sweater has on the sleeve. Unfortunately this item is sold out on the Musterbrand site, but if you're at the Disney Parks I'd suggest looking for it. ShopDisney also has a similar Musterbrand Darth Vader inspired scarf for you baddies out there. 

Musterbrand's clothing and accessories are priced a little bit higher than the average geek-apparel companies out there, but I feel like their quality standards make the price points very reasonable. These aren't pieces that will fall apart or pill after two washes. Even their T-shirts that I bought almost two years ago have gone in the wash probably 50 or more times and they still look brand new. One of my goals this year is to invest my money into better quality clothing that will actually last. Musterbrand is really helping me achieve that goal with their impressive designs! This definitely won't be my last Musterbrand purchase. I can't wait to see what they've got in store next!

Do you own any Musterbrand pieces? How do you style them? Check out more Musterbrand fashion by clicking below!


  1. Wow, that Rey sweater looks great, and it looks amazing on you! I remember wanting some of Musterbrand's apparel after The Force Awakens came out, but unfortunately, they fall in the same camp as Po-Zu's Rey boots and those gorgeous jackets that Columbia released for Rogue One: beautiful, super high quality, but way out of my price range. I did not know Musterbrand apparel was sold at Disney parks, though! I will definitely have to try on some of their stuff the next time I go, even if I can't afford it haha.


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