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Introducing Celestial Sisters- The Duchess & The Apprentice

The first edition of the Celestial Sisters collection has arrived! I have been bursting with so much joy and excitement to finally get this amazing collection into the wild. Tori Fox from Creature Cartel and Alyssa Bradley from Whimsy Design & Illustration collaborated with me on this little capsule that celebrates the women of Star Wars. As we shared in our announcement a few weeks ago, Tori designed two amazing accessories while Alyssa and I teamed up to make two different designs for T-shirts, coffee mugs, and decals. I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you!

So why did we pick Ahsoka Tano and Duchess Satine Kryze to feature in this first drop? The simple and honest answer is that they're our favorites!

Let's talk about accessories first. Tori's craftsmanship and eye for design is amazing. I'm so impressed by her take on these two accessories! The Satine earrings she designed are very similar to the ones Satine actually wears in The Clone Wars, only they are sized for more every day wear. Pulling inspiration from the texture in her earrings and the color in her outfit, the iconic earring shapes hang from purple opalescent posts. The Ahsoka headband is super subtle and probably one of my new favorite accessories! Since I have such short hair, it's difficult to find hair accessories that will work with my haircut and not look too overwhelming. For the Ahsoka headband, Tori took the diamond shaped details from the crown of Ahsoka's head and embellished them on a white leather headband. It's so simple and can be paired with tons of different outfits!

Now onto the T-shirts...
I went to Alyssa with a few vague ideas and a couple specifics that I wanted included in the designs, but I gave her free reign to bring them to life however she wanted. I really wanted to sneak in some sort of special message on each of these shirts without it being too obvious. Thankfully the Aurebesh language within the Star Wars universe is perfect for these hidden messages. The Apprentice design says, "Always Have Hope". This sentiment is something that always comes to mind whenever I think of Ahsoka Tano. Through the thick and thin, she always seems to muster up confidence and hope to face whatever is ahead of her. The Duchess design says, "A Remarkable Woman". Tori and I went back and forth on what we wanted to convey for this design, but that quote ended up being the perfect fit. Duchess Satine is absolutely a remarkable woman and I think it summarizes the grace she carries wherever she goes.

In addition to the Aurebesh messages, I also wanted to include flowers in the designs that would represent specific personality traits for each character. Below is a little breakdown of the various flowers for each of our heroines and what they represent...

The Duchess

Aster- patience
Peony- nobility and value
Dahlia- proud love without compromise
Zinna- lasting love, goodness and constancy
Sedum- a cure for broken and wounded hearts

The Apprentice

Lilac- youthful innocence
Peony- nobility and value
Gladiolus- strength of character
Freesia- trust, friendship, and renewal
Sedum- a cure for broken and wounded hearts

Again, I really have to credit Alyssa for creating these beautiful shirts. While I had the original concepts in mind, she really brought them to life in a way that I couldn't express with words. 

If you've ever purchased previous designs from The Dorky Diva Shop, you may have noticed that I usually suggest you go up a size in the T-shirts for a more comfortable fit. These designs are printed on new shirts that true to size, so you shouldn't need to size up anymore. They are also a little thicker than the previous shirts and should hold up well as they are worn and washed for years to come. 

Use code CELESTIALSISTERS for 10% off your orders in The Dorky Diva Shop and Creature Cartel until September 28th at 11:59pm EST.


I really couldn't be more proud of this collaboration with Tori and Alyssa! They are both such insanely talented women and have created such amazing works of art. We'll be releasing more editions to this collection later in 2020, so stay tuned for that. Which characters would you love to see featured next? Let me know in the comments!