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Celestial Sisters: Edition 2

Celestial Sisters is back with a new collaboration with Creature Cartel and Whimsy Designs! I have been so eager for the launch of this edition and I'm so happy the big day is finally here. After the success of our first Celestial Sisters drop, Tori and I immediately started brainstorming on which characters we wanted to feature next. As huge fans of the Star Wars anthology films, we decided on Jyn Erso from Rogue One and Enfys Nest from Solo. Tori designed two amazing accessories while Alyssa and I teamed up to make two different designs for T-shirts, coffee mugs, and decals.


Tori designed two stunning pieces that complement the shirts that Alyssa and I created. The Cloud Rider- Enfys Nest Inspired Hair Clip resembles the fanned beskar armor plates that adorn her gauntlets. The Stardust- Jyn Erso Inspired Death Star Plans Necklace resemble just that, the iconic plans that helped save the galaxy and destroy the menacing space station that Jyn's father helped create.

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Unlike our first Celestial Sisters collaboration, I wanted this edition to feature iconic imagery that represents the characters other than their physical faces. For Enfys Nest, it felt like a no brainer to include the powerful helmet that once belonged to her mother. On the Cloud Rider Tee, Alyssa took my idea of including the mountains of Vandor in the background and inscribing the Aurebesh quote from her helmet around the T-shirt design. For Jyn Erso, I really wanted to memorialize her efforts on Scarif to retrieve the Death Star plans. On the Stardust Tee, Alyssa created a beautiful sunset with the communication tower surrounded by palm trees and the Death Star looming overhead. We also included "The Strongest Stars Have Hearts of Kyber" around the design as well.

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