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Celestial Sisters: Edition 4

A brand new edition of Celestial Sisters is here! This season we are highlighting four amazing bounty hunting babes in the galaxy- Fennec Shand, Aurra Sing, Zam Wesell, and Sy Snootles. Tori from Creature Cartel designed three accessories while Alyssa from Whimsy Design & Illustration and I teamed up to make three different designs for T-shirts, coffee mugs, and decals.


Tori created three beautiful accessories for this collection. For Zam Wesell, she took inspiration from Zam's leather skirt and created a necklace that has a similar pattern as a bar pendant. I love this design because it's super subtle, but as a Zam Wesell fan I can immediately recognize the nod to her character. For Aurra Sing, Tori took inspiration from Aurra's epic ponytail and created an orange velvet scrunchie with painted wood beads sewed to the scrunchie, much like the beads that are in Aurra's hair. Lastly, for Fennec, she absolutely nailed the textured design from Fennec's leather costume and made a pair of earrings that resemble the angled skirt-like detail in Fennec's outfit.


When planning this collection, I found myself leaning towards a look that was a little more edgy than to our past drops. Bounty hunters are rough and tough, so I wanted the apparel designs to reflect that nature. Alyssa and I landed on using flash tattoos as a design aesthetic to guide the overall look of these pieces. As usual, Alyssa captured exactly what I had in mind and translated it into stunning artwork!

Tori and I have talked about highlighting bounty hunters for a very long time. Since there are so many good ones, we had a difficult time picking just a few. Together we landed on choosing Aurra, Zam, and Fennec to widen our selection between the prequels and newer era of Star Wars content. In addition to these characters, I decided to create a shirt for Tori that featured her favorite character, Sy Snootles. Alyssa and I secretly schemed together to make this shirt for Tori and surprise her when it arrived. I'm so glad we were able to pull it off because the shirt looks so cute and Tori really loves it! 

Rather than offering separate shirts for Zam and Aurra, I wanted to combine them into one. We never see these two characters on screen together, but they live simultaneously in my mind because of Disney's Star Wars Weekends. If you ever attended that event, you know those characters were always around each other for meet and greets or in the parade. The tee features each character's side-profile and the Aurebesh writing across the banner reads "Huntress".

Fennec is a very new character in the Star Wars universe, but she's already proved to be a fan-favorite and an ultimate badass. I wanted to focus on the silhouette of her helmet and the setting suns of Tatooine as a nod back to her very first appearance in The Mandalorian. I love how Alyssa really emphasized the texture and detail in Fennec's braided hairstyle within the artwork!

All of these shirts are available on black tees for both men and women. I would love to offer these on a wider selection of colors, but unfortunately at this time there are a lot of T-shirt shortages. So for now, they are just available in black and hopefully in the future I can offer more colors.

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