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Best Red Lipsticks

It's not a big secret that I love red lipstick. If you've seen any of my style posts, you've probably noticed that I wear red lipstick most of the time. It's not an every day look for me, but if I'm needing an extra boost of confidence or want to feel a little more polished, I swipe on some red lipstick and it makes me feel great. I've tried all sorts of red lip colors and have found that most of them wear off too quickly, leave my lips really dry, or they bleed and leave horrible feathering around my natural lip lines. Today I'm sharing with you my absolute favorite red lipsticks- tried and tested!

When I pick red lipstick, I look for a really true red. I like the orange tinted red tones, but for the most part I think a true red looks best on me. I don't go for dark red lips because they seem to wash out my face too much. I'm also not a fan of spending a ton of money on lipstick because I go through them pretty fast. Lipsticks usually work better for me than liquid lip colors because they keep my lips way more moisturized and don't crack as much. I love a smooth looking finish!

Disclaimer: Affiliate links are used, meaning if you purchase through my link I will receive commission at no additional cost to you. I only ever recommend products that I use and LOVE. Affiliate marketing allows me to continue to share free and affordable information and services! Thanks for your support! 

E.L.F. Matte Lip Color (Rich Red)- This one is my absolute FAVORITE. The color I'm wearing in the photo above is the E.L.F. Matte Lip color in Rich Red. This is a crayon-type lipstick that twists up. It has a sharpener on the bottom, but I've never needed to use it before. While this is advertised as a matte lipstick, I think it's more of a semi-matte. I don't particularly like fully matte lipsticks because they seem to dry out my lips so I'm okay with this one not being super matte. It's very moisturizing and lasts most of the day. If I'm eating greasy foods or rubbing my lips together a lot (bad habit), I usually only have to reapply this once during a full day. It's such a beautiful color and here's the best part- it's only THREE DOLLARS. Three! Dollars! You can't pass up this item for such a good price. I also don't have to wear a lip liner with this one because it doesn't bleed at all. 

Urban Decay Vice Mega Matte (714)- Okay ladies, this one is my splurge item. This lipstick by Urban Decay runs for $18 and it's my go-to lipstick when I want a really matte look. It has zero shine and doesn't dry out my lips too much. I typically moisturize my lips before applying this product so that I don't feel flaky throughout the day. Unless I'm eating greasy foods, this will last all day. It's not my first pick only because the E.L.F. lipstick is more moisturizing, but I love the matte finish for certain occasions and the color is great. 

Milani (07 Best Red)- This one is my go-to for all day moisture and it smells great! It's not super glossy or super matte, I would call it a semi-matte. It's usually around $5 depending on where you buy it so it's definitely easy on the wallet. It also smells amazing! I do find that this one wears off a little more than the other two lipsticks I've mentioned, so I don't wear this if I know I need a lip color that will last all day. It's more of a fun color to pop on when you're running errands or taking photos. This one also doesn't bleed from what I've experienced, but I do use a lip liner just to help hold it in place for a longer-lasting finish. 

There you have it! Those are my top three favorite red lipsticks. My #1 go-to color is the E.L.F. matte lip color in rich red. I have two tubes of it so I can always have one in my makeup bag and another in my purse. What's your favorite red lip color? Let me know in the comment section below!