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Glossier Seattle

Skincare and beauty have become two new obsessions for me over the last several years. Ever since I overcame a struggle with acne, I've been thrilled to show off my clear since and play with makeup. I've talked about Glossier here and there on The Dorky Diva because not only do I love their beauty and skincare products, I also love their mindset as a company. They always put their customers first and make them feel like they are more important than the world. That's why I was incredibly honored when Glossier invited me to preview their new pop-up store in Seattle!

Glossier only has two flagship stores, one in New York City and the other in Los Angeles. They occasionally open up pop-up stores for a limited time in cities around the world like Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, and now Seattle! I've never had the chance to visit any of their stores, but I've know that they are famous for creating great shopping experiences. Each pop-up is themed to the city it's visiting and since Seattle is know for its beautiful scenery, they decked out the store with real examples of the outdoors. Locally sourced plants and flowers were growing throughout the shop which gave the space such a bright and airy feeling.

In addition to all of the greenery, Glossier offered a few "green" items that you could take home. The first was a selection of free postcards that you can plant to grow flowers! They also had a store exclusive water bottle that was only $15 and with every purchase of those, $5 goes to Mary's Place here in the Seattle area. Each guest of the preview night got to take home one of these water bottles which was sweet! Instead of giving you a plastic bag with your purchase, Glossier opted for canvas reusable totes as well.

My entire makeup routine consists of Glossier products, but there were a few new additions to their line that I was excited to try in person. The best part about their stores is that you can pick up literally any product and test it out. The first makeup item I wanted to see was the new Nightshine highlighter, which is part of the Glossier Play brand. I wear the Glossier Haloscope highlighter on a daily basis, but sometimes it feels tacky in warm weather. The Nightshine highlighter packed even more of a shimmery punch without being over the top so I bought it in the lightest shade, pale pearl. I also tried out the Colorslide pencil eyeliners which were really great, but I tend not to wear tons of eye products on a daily basis so I passed on this one.

If you've been following me for a while, you know I'm obsessed with using serums in my skincare routine. I've previously used and loved the Glossier Super Bounce and Super Pure serums, but I felt like the price of the serums were a little too high for how fast I went through them. I repurchased them last night because Glossier has since reformulated the product and doubled the size, but the price stayed the same. A much better bang for your buck! I ended up getting the pack of three serums since the Super Glow was reformulated and I wanted to compare it to my favorite non-Glossier Vitamin C serum. I love how they take customer feedback seriously and use it to rework things that aren't getting all the love!

In addition to Nightshine and the Super Serums, I restocked on some of my favorites including Skin Tint, Priming Moisturizer Rich, and Generation G Lipstick. I also picked up a tube of the Body Hero cream and the new eye cream, Bubblewrap. I put on the eye cream before bed last night and I already love it. In my opinion, the body cream smells like oranges and jasmine, which is such a nice scent for summer. I'm really looking forward to using this when I get a little more tan for that extra glow.

There were tons of "Instagram worthy" spots in the store to take selfies and pictures with your friends. Each Glossier store is famous for its "You Look Good" mirror. I love this tagline because it's so rare to hear in the beauty industry! Most companies say that your acne is showing and you should cover it up or that your skin is uneven and you should hide it with concealer. Glossier says that you are beautiful and there's no need to cover up your face, but it's fun to play with makeup every now and then!

When I got the invite to this event last week, I immediately took the opportunity to splurge on a new outfit for myself. Unfortunately the jumpsuit I ordered didn't arrive in time, but it's totally okay because my backup outfit was just as cute and I'll be able to repurpose the special piece that I had ordered. I knew that the Glossier store would have tons of color throughout it, so I decided to wear a black Star Wars dress from Black Milk with simple heels and white tassel earrings. I swear these shoes have become lucky! I've worn them on all of my favorite days- the Solo: A Star Wars Story red carpet premiere, my wedding day, and now this special event.

Thank you so much to Glossier for inviting me to this special preview night! I had a blast getting to meet the staff, mingle with other Glossier fanatics, and try out every single product in person. Special thanks to Kate from The Skincare Diary for lending a hand and grabbing some super cute photos of me. If you're in the Seattle area, definitely check out the pop-up at 200 Broadway East, Capitol Hill. It'll be open from May 22- July 7! 


  1. I love Glossier. I will say I tried their mascara and it wasn't my favorite. I want to try their eyebrow stuff next.


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