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Dorky Diva of the Week: Amy Ratcliffe

Amy Ratcliffe, a 35-year-old Ohio native who now resides in California, is a fangirl that has found a way to merge her love for Star Wars into a professional realm. As a writer and podcast host, she is able to talk about Star Wars both on a personal and professional level.

Introduced to the original trilogy when she was in middle school, Ratcliffe found herself drawn to Luke Skywalker's desire to move away from home and explore the galaxy. Even though she was interested in the original Star Wars films and the prequel trilogy, it wasn't until the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that Ratcliffe's appreciation of Star Wars turned into a full-blown obsession.

"I look to the characters and ideals in Star Wars when I need the extra oomph to keep going- whether it's the next deadline or a tricky life situation. There is always hope," says Ratcliffe.

Most of Ratcliffe's personal and professional life is tied up in various Star Wars projects. She co-hosts two podcasts- the weekly Full of Sith and the monthly Lattes with Leia. Both outlets allow her to work out all her Star Wars feelings verbally while interacting with other fans. She also contributes to the blog and Star Wars Insider magazine. In addition to those outlets, Ratcliffe is able to channel her appreciation of Star Wars through a variety of articles and interviews on other websites like

Her interacting with other fans through podcasting and social media make Ratcliffe feel less alone in her views of Star Wars. It also introduces her to new perspectives on the events of Star Wars that she may have never considered before. She enjoys connecting with like-minded individuals on social media, especially other female fans, to celebrate what she loves with others who "get" it. 

"My Lattes with Leia co-host, Dr. Andrea Letamendi, recently make some intelligent points about C-3PO that made me see the characters in an entirely different light. I'm still not the biggest Threepio fan, but I understand and appreciate his position in the story more," explains Ratcliffe. 

While he's not necessarily a brave or cool character, Ratcliffe finds that she is most similar to Chopper, the Ghost crew's droid in Star Wars Rebels. Just like Chopper, she is always loyal to her friends and ready to help, but she might grumble about it along the way. 

"Though people who don't know me well don't believe it, I'm a curmudgeon and mostly want to be left alone to do my own thing. I think Chopper understands that," says Ratcliffe.

"I've met some of my closest friends through Star Wars, directly and indirectly. Star Wars brings a sense of home with it and a sense of belonging," expresses Ratcliffe.

You can find Amy Ratcliffe on Twitter and Instagram @Amy_Geek. 

All photos used with permission and courtesy of Amy Ratcliffe.