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Dorky Diva of the Week: Brittany Hughes

Brittany Hughes, a 24-year old Disney travel agent, always has one thing on her mind- Boba Fett. This dashing Mandolorian bounty hunter hooked her into the saga of Star Wars which turned into an endless passion that continues to inspire her family from generation to generation. 

Hughes in front of the Tatooine Traders store at Walt Disney World.
As a young girl, Hughes was never into science-fiction. Her interests mostly swayed towards Disney movies and that was about it until her stepfather came into the picture when she was 11-years-old. After making fun of his Star Wars fandom, Hughes finally sat down on the couch with her stepdad to watch Episode IV: A New Hope.

"I was hooked. From that moment, my stepdad and I shared Star Wars as a very special bonding tool," said Hughes.

Then there's her main man- Boba Fett. She's always been the kind of girl that likes a mysterious man, and Boba Fett definitely checked that box in Star Wars. While her friends were all gushing over Han Solo's wit, Hughes was crushing on Fett's style. Once she learned about his backstory in the prequels, her love for Fett intensified even more.

Hughes with her boyfriend and Kylo Ren at Walt Disney World. 
While her love for Star Wars is massive, her interest in Disney is just as expansive. By day, Hughes is a Disney travel agent that helps people plan vacations to a galaxy far, far away. She also runs a Youtube channel where she posts vlogs about Star Wars, Disney, and her daily life. She also recently launched a clothing line called Fett&Co. where sells all sorts of Disney and Star Wars inspired T-shirts that you can't find anywhere else.

"I decided to start Fett&Co. mainly because I could never find Disney or Star Wars shirts from other online shops that fit my style. I wanted unique shirts for Disney trips that you don't see everywhere, and were comfortable and affordable," explains Hughes.

Hughes wearing one of her Disney and Star Wars mashup tees from Fett&Co.
Hughes looks at Star Wars for more than just a movie series. For her, it's a bonding experience between a girl and her stepfather. It's a story of love, politics, hate, and everything in between. It's about the precious balance of good and evil, just like the balance of our real world. Just as she learned about Star Wars from her stepdad, she is now passing on the saga to her own little girl, Madalyn.

"I'm happy to say that I've spread the love of Star Wars down to my 5-year-old daughter, who is literally obsessed! She lives, loves, and breathes Star Wars," says Hughes.

Ironically, Hughes thinks her daughter has the attitude and spunk of Princess Leia while she is stubborn like Padme. She enjoys knowing that Star Wars has an abundance of characters to relate to, which she and her daughter can learn from.

Madalyn, Brittany Hughes' little padawan, riding the speeder bike at Walt Disney World.
You can follow Brittany on Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe to her Youtube channel.

All photos courtesy and used with permission from Brittany Hughes.