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The Dorky Diva Show: Episode 3 with Brian Ballance

On this month's episode of The Dorky Diva Show, Savanna introduces her new co-host Brian Ballance and they share a spoiler-filled discussion about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 
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  1. So, I listened to your podcast and have 2 things to say. One about Chirrut’s connection with the Force (which you discussed a little) and the other, about a comment you made during your discourse on women in “Rogue One”
    (1.) After the movie, a friend of mine was asked by his son, “Dad, how can Chirrut use the force, if he isn’t a Jedi?”
    My friend’s explanation I found very helpful. He asked his son, “when you use a kite, what makes the kite fly?” His boy answered, “The wind.”
    “Do you control the wind?” He asked his son.
    “What do you do?”
    “I let the wind pick up and take my kite.”
    “Right, and then you work with the wind to move the kite. But can you move the kite against the wind?”
    “So, you can only move the kite where the wind allows. You have some control, but always with the wind. Right?”
    “Well, Chirrut is like you and the kite, and the Force is like the wind. He can move with and where the Force is moving him. But he can’t control the Force. But, just like Storm, in X-men can control the wind; Jedi can control the Force and not only be moved by it.”
    It made sense to his son.
    And (2.) You’re cute enough that even if we only saw your face, in a helmet, while flying an X-Wing, we would know you’re a girl. Just saying.

  2. I would like to add that in addition to making the experience of stealing the Death Star plans more "personal", for me it's greatest contribution may have been the depiction of Vader's role with both the Empire and this incident specifically. I love how he truly didn't want to be bothered by this mess and was dragged into it almost against his will. So often in the original trilogy I wondered whether Vader was a political figurehead or just an Imperial enforcer. Rogue One depicted him brilliantly and now suddenly the reason he has always been just as likely to choke out an Imperial diplomat as say a rebel makes perfect sense.


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