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5 Things Star Wars Taught Me About Friendship

Today I was shuffling through some of the photos I took last year at Star Wars Celebration Orlando and got to thinking about all the people I've met because of Star Wars. Some of them I've met in person because we were stuck sitting next to each other in line overnight. Others I met on Twitter because they posted tweets similar to my interests and then we later became pen pals. I've even met people just because they asked me to be a guest on their podcast. In the end though, it's all because of one science-fantasy franchise that I've had the opportunity to make so many friends all around the world. Because of Star Wars, I've also learned a lot of lessons about friendship. Here are the top five things Star Wars has taught me about friendship.

Your friends are your family

We all have our real family- the one we're born into and will always be there for us. Then we have our friend family- the one we choose to be with yet still ends up being there for us when we need them most. Some people don't have their real families, whether it be by choice or trauma. Just like the Ghost crew in Star Wars: Rebels, those who don't have a real family are able to choose their new family. I think it's incredible to realize that I've moved across my home state and even across the country, yet never felt alone or too far from my family. When I lived in north Florida, I met some super sweet couples that treated me as if I was their own kid or little sister. They were my family when I needed a shoulder to cry on or just someone to share a meal with. When I moved to California, my new family was an amazing breast-cancer survivor and her 8-year-old daughter that I met years ago on Instagram just because we liked the same clothing brand. It blows my mind that the Star Wars community is so widely spread that I can go anywhere and feel like I have a group of people to be there for me just like my real family.

They'll get on your nerves

Think of R2-D2 and C-3PO. They sure do get on each other's nerves, but they wouldn't walk away from the friendship they have. Sure, sometimes you need little breaks from your friends when they're driving you insane, but in the end you know that you still love them and will always be there for them. Whether you're arguing about who's the best pilot in the galaxy or what to eat for lunch together, no argument is too big to break up a true friendship. R2 and C-3PO had their moments of bickering, but at the end of the day they stuck together for a long time.

Good friends are honest

"Jyn, I'll be there for you. Cassian said I had to." This line from Rogue One always makes me crack up because K-2SO is so hilariously honest. I always look for honesty in best friends. Even in silly situations like, "Hey girl, you've got a piece of lettuce in your teeth," I truly appreciate it. However, it's also good to have a friend that's honest when times get tough. Someone to tell you what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear is a really good friend quality. Your friends should challenge you to be a better person all the time and sometimes honesty is the key factor in making that happen.

Some friendships are unexpected

I'm sure none of us expected mortal enemies like Ahsoka and Ventress to ever pair up, but anything can happen in the Star Wars universe. When everyone turned against Ahsoka and called her a murderer, Ventress was there. I'm not saying that Ventress had completely pure intentions to help Ahsoka right off the bat in her time of need, but they eventually did help each other a lot. Sometimes friendships are completely unexpected. That can mean everything from befriending an outsider to just becoming friends with someone randomly. I'm sure Rey didn't expect to meet a runaway First Order stormtrooper and immediately become friends with him. It's also amazing how friendships can blossom into relationships. Two of my best friends are podcasters in the Star Wars community. They started out as super close friends a few years ago and now they're husband and wife. How cool is that?!

Friendships can change (and that's okay)

This is the hardest lesson to learn. We all love our friends, but sometimes people change (even ourselves) and there will be times when you have to move on. If a friendship becomes toxic or you just drift apart, it's okay. You can still respect someone and remember the great times you had with them, but in the end it could be in your best interest to part ways. Obi-Wan had to let go of Anakin during his fall to the dark side. He tried to help him and bring him back to the light, but it was too late. I can't imagine how difficult this must have been for Obi-Wan, but he did the right thing. Even though he let go of Anakin, he still chose to watch over and protect Anakin's son.

The greatest thing about Star Wars in my opinion is that it reflects so many real life situations. We can all learn from the different characters in Star Wars, especially those who go through hard times (which is like, all of them). What lessons have you learned from Star Wars?


  1. truly brilliant and insightful! thank you for this

  2. People do change and that's how friendships grow. Sometimes though friendships change and you evolve into two different people so it's almost like you don't really need to be friends anymore. That's okay too.

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