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Star Wars Style: Modern McQuarrie

The sun is shining and spring is finally kicked up in full gear which can only mean one thing...Star Wars Style is back! During the fall and winter time, Seattle's constant dreariness and rain made keeping up with style posts a challenge. I'm really happy that the sun is out and the rain is gone for a little while because it means I can shoot more outfits outside without getting soaked to the core. Last week Uniqlo dropped a new T-shirt series featuring artwork by three Japanese streetwear masters- Jun Takahashi, NIGO, and Tetsu Nishiyama. I couldn't resist picking up a couple designs from the collection!

I first discovered Uniqlo a few years ago when they opened a store at Disney Springs in Florida. I really like their T-shirts because the fabric doesn't wear down as quickly as most clothing brands at the same price point. I also discovered a while ago that their kids T-shirts size up to what I think is equivalent of an adult size extra small. The length of the largest kids shirt is shorter than their smallest adult size, which works out in my favor because I have a very short torso. Rather than paying $19.90 for the adult shirts, I managed to grab two of the kids shirts for only $9.90 each. Since they didn't carry any of the Star Wars designs in womens sizing, this was the next best alternative.

There were 12 adult sized shirts and 6 kids sized shirts in the overall collection. I thought the designers did a great job working together to create a cohesive streetwear inspired look. Most of the designs were pretty minimal and called back to some of the most retro Star Wars editions, like the Droids and Ewoks animated television series.

The first style to catch my eye in the series was this Star Wars logo tee designed by NIGO. I typically don't gravitate towards clothing with the classic Star Wars logo plastered across the front, but this one really struck my attention because it's rarely used on clothing anymore. Ralph McQuarrie used this Star Wars font on most of his early concept art designs and it was eventually used on some of the very first apparel pieces too. One of the original concepts for Luke Skywalker is also featured on the front of the shirt.

I decided to pair this shirt with pieces that I would usually wear around town. My favorite button-fly jeans, hoop earrings, and geometric patterned wedges gave it the retro inspired look I was going for. I also wore a slouchy indigo kimono and two Star Wars necklaces, the Millennium Falcon and the Skywalker lightsaber, that I layered together. As a birthday gift to myself last month, I picked up a monogrammed leather purse from Madewell. I think the powder blue color looks good with anything!

What I Wore:
T-Shirt- Uniqlo
Jeans- Thrifted
Kimono- Dip
Shoes- Roxy (Thrifted)
Purse- Madewell
Necklaces- Amazon
Earrings- Target

It's unfortunate that this line didn't include any pieces that were created specifically for women, but this is a challenge fangirls have faced for decades now. With a little bit of creativity, you can find ways to feminize boxy T-shirts! I'll be featuring the other shirt that I got from the Uniqlo Star Wars collection later this season. Did you pick up any items from the series yet?