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Galaxy's Edge: What I'd Wear

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is officially open in Disneyland! While I haven't planned a trip to Batuu just yet, I wanted to share some style inspiration for anyone heading to Black Spire Outpost in the next few months. I recently had the opportunity to read an advance copy of the upcoming Galaxy's Edge: Black Spire book by Delilah Dawson. The book doesn't come out until late August, so I can't share any specific details, but let's just say this book gave me some insight on how residents of Batuu dress on a daily basis. I used this inspiration to create some mood boards and even threw together an outfit of my own. I hope you enjoy these looks!

One thing that I learned from the Black Spire book is that scarves are an essential item to wear in Batuu. Even though it's super hot in California right now and will be boiling hot in Florida when their land opens, I figured I'd style some of these outfits with scarves to capture the essence of the locals in Batuu. If you're worried about being too hot at the park, feel free to take off these layered items throughout the day and swap out thick fabrics for lightweight ones like linen. Loose, billowy tops can keep you cool and protect your skin from the sun, so look for those if you go shopping!

Resistance Spy

The outfit above is my take on how a Resistance spy would dress. Someone who's scouting out Black Spire to build a new Resistance headquarters would wear functional cargo pants, leather boots, a breathable top, and a scarf to cover their face if it gets windy. Subtle Resistance earrings wouldn't be too much of a dead giveaway and the backpack is great for stowing away all your necessities.

First Order Follower

When I think of the First Order, I think of several things- sleek, black, simple, and powerful. This outfit pulls together the draped look of Kylo Ren's tunic while adding a jeweled scarf for a pop of color. The First Order Executioner bag and ring are fun accessories to show off your Star Wars spirit!

Tip for warm weather- swap out the draped top for a loose tank top and wear black linen shorts with low boots or sneakers. Throw on the scarf for photos or when the sun goes down!

Jedi Guardian

The Jedi have always had a simple look to their costumes. Since it's warm on Batuu, I decided a brown sleeveless dress would be the best way to capture the Jedi look. By pairing it with a leather belt and boots, it's casual yet elevated just a bit. I wanted to add jewelry that felt Jedi inspired, so I chose the crest earrings and a bracelet that reminded me of a blue lightsaber. 

Smugglers Attire

Smugglers can pretty much throw together any outfit that looks and feels functional. Cargo pants are great to store your credits and flat boots are essential for walking all day. I decided to pair a light blue top with a black draped cardigan that can be belted. I think a smuggler would carry some sort of messenger bag and while I don't think they would wear the Resistance logo, I thought the overall design of this one was neat. 

For this outfit, I only used items that were already in my closet. I don't have any cargo pants in my wardrobe, so I opted for black jeans instead. I paired them with a flowy white knit top, brown patterned scarf, beaded jewelry, and calf-high leather boots. I didn't have a leather backpack so I chose to exclude that from my outfit, but I would definitely pick one up if I planned on wearing this to Batuu. 

Several Star Wars fans heading to Black Spire have also dressed up their phone cases by kit-bashing together random model kit parts to make it look like a datapad. Galaxy's Edge has an interactive app that you can use throughout the land, so it's fitting that you'd want your phone to look more like an in-universe item. My friend Johnamarie from The Wookiee Gunner gathered up tons of fan made datapad creations on Twitter- you can see them by clicking here. The datapad below was made by my friend Victoria Fox! She did such a great job!

Have you planned a trip to Galaxy's Edge yet? If so, what are you planning to wear? I hope you use my mood boards as inspiration to create your look!