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Star Wars Show Book Club

A few weeks ago I made an appearance on the Star Wars Show Book Club and I'm thrilled to share that the full episode has been released on Youtube! In these bi-weekly episodes, host Kristin Baver is joined by three guests to discuss a Star Wars book. When the team initially reached out to me, I was conflicted. Most people know that I don't keep up with all of the Star Wars literature because there are always so many new releases and I don't have much free time to read. After a moment of consideration, I managed to push away my nervousness and say yes to coming on an episode. 

In this episode, we discuss Dooku: Jedi Lost which is actually one of my favorite Star Wars stories. I love anything that takes place before or near the era of the prequel films, so I was glad to chat about this story and the characters involved. 

Thank you to the team for having me on the show! I had a really great time and it inspired me to keep reading more this year. I'm currently halfway through Master and Apprentice by Claudia Gray, which I'll be discussing on The Dorky Diva Show very soon.